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Discover in this article our opinion on the Slot Casino Starburts.
This slot machine is a 5-roller game and 10 payment lines of Netent Who is playable from 10 cents a turn on all devices, including mobiles. This is the most popular slot machine and the most popular online slot machine of all time. Starburst has an arcade sensation and is fully based on Starburst Wilds. These Wilds appear only on the 3 rollers of the medium and can expand to give you up to 3 re-spins with wild rollers to give you astronomical gains. Simple in terms of gameplay, it is fascinating and has acquired a cult status among slot machine players. Find out why in our Journal of Starburst slot machines.

Starburst Casino audio and design features

The Starburst slot machine is visually beautiful and is located in space. What distinguishes it is the rich soundtrack that gives it a cosmic feel. Released in 2012, graphics and animations are in high definition and always look as good as more recent published slot machines. The clean developer has reorganized the game several times since its initial release.

When you get a winning combination, you will see arcade light effects with flashing text and electrifying sounds. This stands out on a dark background. The soundtrack is electric but quite soothing and relaxing. It accumulates when you form a winning combination. At the fast pace, the symbols include 5 different lit jewels as well as a happiness red and the bar.

Starburst, review on this Casino slot in both directions

If you fill the bar symbol rolls, you would not gain 250 times your bet as such. As gains are formed from left to right and from right to left, a screen filled with bar symbols would result in a 500x win.

The most important symbol is the Starburst Wild. Appearing only on the 3 rollers of the medium (rollers 2, 3 and / or 4), it will replace all the symbols mentioned above. It will replace the symbols to give you the corresponding payment - that is, 3 bar symbols and 1 Joker Starburst on a payment line will result in a 4-bars win (20 x bet).

Starburst slot machine details and setting limits

The Starburst slot machine is delivered with 5 rollers, 3 lines and 10 payment lines. With 10 fixed payment lines in play, you can go from only 10 cents per turn to up to 100 € per turn. Starburst comes with winning technology in both directions. This means that you can form winning combinations by obtaining 3, 4 or 5 corresponding symbols on adjacent rollers from the coil 1 or 5.

You can also select the automatic playback option when playing Starburst. You can choose between 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500, 750 or 1000 turns. If you click the Advanced Settings link, you can choose to stop automatic playback on any gain, if a single gain exceeds a certain amount, if your balance increases or decreases by a chosen amount. This allows you to play more responsibly.

With regard to volatility, Starburst is located in the range of low to medium variance. This means that you should get a lot of victories frequently, but of a smaller scale. In fact, 22.65% of the towers will result in a winning combination (this is called the full frequency). The maximum gain per tower / re-spin is 500 x bet.

Casino review on RTP% Starburst RTP%

RTP Starburst is 96.09%.
This means, in theory, that each equity of £ 100 you turn on the Starburst slot machine will result in the reconquest of £ 96.09. Each turn is subjected to a random numbers generator so that you can lose all of your bankroll or gain the maximum payment at each turn. It's a question of luck. The% RTP is an average on the towers of all players in a predetermined period of time (normally 1 year).

Fonctions Starburst Wilds

There is no free turns feature as such, but Starburst focuses on the Starburst Wild symbol. By replacing all the symbols, it appears only on the rollers 2, 3 and 4. when one of them appears on one of the 3 rollers of the medium, you will trigger the Starburst Wilds function. The Starburst Wild then extends over the entire reel to give you a wild coil. This wild coil remains locked in position with a free re-spin assigned. If another Starburst Wild appears, the process is repeated to give you another wild coil and re-spin.

You can fill in the 3 rollers in the middle with the Starburst Wild expanded and benefit from a total of 3 re-spins. The functionality ends only when no new Starburst Wilds appears during a re-spin. 3 wild rolls facilitate the filling of the rollers with the high value bar symbol. This will result in a 500 x bet payment.

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