Keno, New Formula 2023 or Hacker Fraud?


Is there a new Keno 2023 formula or we still focus on its origins?
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Originally from China even the construction of the great wall of China, the Keno is a very popular game that is played today in a wide range of casinos, both on site and online. The idea of Keno is quite simplistic to seize, even if you have never heard of it.
You will have a painting with numbers, usually from 1 to 80.
You will select a variety of numbers, then the bullets are taken from a machine with individual numbers.

As a rule, 20 bullets are pulled in a keno game. You will win for each number you select correctly. As we said, the game is easy to understand. You can probably read this simple description of the game and understand perfectly how to play Keno. But things become much more complex at the familiar level when we talk about Keno.

Unfortunately, there are many e-books, records and other programs and publications claiming that they can teach you to predict Keno's numbers. Is it true? Let's say it in this way: Do you remember Jay Leno's Headlines Segment of the Tonight Show? The only title he was looking for every week, but had never found for decades, was "Psychic Wins Lottery".

You think that Keno numbers could be mathematically predicted?
We are sorry to break this illusion, but it's unequivocal false. Keno numbers are random and each draw is completely independent of the next. Nobody has psychic capabilities.

Is Keno really a lottery?

In virtually every sense of the word, Keno is definitely a lottery. On a real machine, you look at all the balls contained in a container. They are mixed at random and pushed through a tube with air. This is exactly the same principle as lotteries use for their Pick-3, Pick-5 and even Powerball designs. So it's not until Keno is similar to an online lottery game or is a lottery style game.
Keno is a lottery, in all the factual directions of the word.

We raise this point to make you understand that Les names of Keno can not be precisely predicted. Regardless of the number of people who talk about the systems and coverage of cards and model recognition, the numbers are really random, and there is no mathematical means of determining what numbers will appear.

There are no number "due", and you will not be able to recognize a model coming for a particular number. Many people like to claim having understood these things, but rather than believing them, require that they show you evidence. Where is their bank account filled with millions of Keno gains?

The new Keno 2023 formula and is it possible to make online predictions?

Now, do not take this word "impossible" in the wrong direction.
There are two types of keno in the world:

  • Keno who is played on the spot
  • The keno that is played online

When it comes to Keno on the spot, it is virtually impossible to hack this system (at least without anyone remarks) and you depend on pure assumption, and you will never be able to accurately guess the 10 numbers you have Select.

The randomness of a lottery makes this impossible. However, when you treat with the Internet keno, you look at something very unlikely. What is the difference? Well, some Keno casinos and sites use poor quality random numbers (RNG) generation software and can actually be hacked. It's highly unlikely, but not outright impossible.

Keno and hackers

About ten years ago, it was a big problem with poker sites that the hackers develop RNG trackers that would absorb a few tens of hands and predicted with scary accuracy the next maps to distribute. Of course, it was an old generation RNG and many improvements have been made to the algorithms. Current RNG software packages, such as those used by Legal online casinos 2023 Americans, we recommend calculating hillivers of microsecond variables and producing random results that can not be predicted.

Of course, there is always a chance, even minimal, that it can be hacked in one way or another and that an ultra hacker somewhere can decipher the code. But very, very unlikely. And the reason it is even more unlikely for the live keno is that the machines are physical and that any test performed, even rudimentary, will reveal an alteration (weight of the ball, suction levels, etc.).

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