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The Full Tilt Poker website merged with Poker Stars. It's a "new" that is not very well known and that's why you can search Full Tilt Poker Reviews. His players were moved to the other site in May 2016. You can still access the poker games via the two links. How? 'Or' What ? After having acquired the two brands, Amaya Gaming decided to merge both on the same platform. Full Tilt Poker Stars would see Full Tilt's full tournaments and silver games transferred to the PokerStars platform. Player pools on both sites have been combined effectively. The Full Tilt client has been updated and the software has been replaced from the PokerStars network.

With change, account holders with an Amaya game platform would have access to any site. Platforms include Duel, PokerStars, Full Tilt, Starsdraft and Betstars. The players were affected by the merger in different ways. Those who had a PokerStars account can use their username for Full Tilt games. Players with an old Full Tilt username could try to use their name. Provided that it is not already registered on PokerStars. The update of an account has not been too difficult with the merger. So the players have not been greatly affected. Except for having to cope with some changes such as creating a new username when needed.

Full Tilt Poker Reviews - General Presentation of the Site

Full Tilt is comfortably in the very high level of Texas Hold'em rooms and is only second behind PokerStars in terms of traffic. In a word, Full Tilt is an ideal choice for regular and beginner players looking for a polyvalent quality poker room. Its software is excellent. As a regular text of Texas Hold'em, Full Tilt checks all key boxes. The only downside is the previous glory of the site that is not very brilliant. We have seen a large number of players who were not happy, but the opinions were old, before the merger.

But for the moment, we did not see such a kind of problems. The design is simple and easy to use, the license is present and updated, the welcome bonus was accessible. After checking the account of course. But we have one thing left in mind.

Full Tilt Poker's idea Reviews about the latest promotions and bonuses

Full Tilt regularly organizes promotions. It offers players the opportunity to win its $ 5 million in price each month. There are a lot of tournaments organized throughout the week with different table boundaries available. This means that there is usually something for players of all budgets. They are considered one of the best online tournament providers. Full Tilt also organizes a Daily Double Poker tournament every night. It offers players the opportunity to make money from a progressive jackpot. Players participating in 50-50 tournaments can earn a share of $ 50,000. "Happy Hour" tables are also available. They offer players a chance to win points for three players. Players can identify tables because of a smiling yellow icon.

Casino Games at Full Tilt Casino

As you understand, you can play Full Tilt Poker at the PokerStars platform. Their site offers a wide variety of table games. You will also find poker tables, slot machines and live casino. You can orient yourself in the Ludèque using the different categories. Popular Games, New casino titles, Jackpot games and many others await his players from the homepage. According to their words, they are the site of the biggest online poker events. So you can play tournaments and do not think about other games. The Live Poker casino is really as if you are in a terrestrial casino. And the good new is that you can play players that you can not meet otherwise. Anyway, you can choose another type of game of those who are offered.

Other casinos that offer poker rooms

Full Tilt Poker is the historic site that offers a well-known poker room. Under the field of PokerStars they built a better place of play. But what are the alternatives? You can choose a site like Lucky Luke for example. This type of online casino offers the different types of poker and live poker with a welcome bonus of 120% up to 120 €. Or 400 € of bonus fix, it is up to you to choose. Another good reliable casino option that offers poker tables, it is the site of the Casino Jack21.. With a sleek design, many Live casino options and more than 3,000 games in its ludothèque, it is a place to discover.

Full Tilt Poker Reviewed Abstract

Looking for a Full Tilt Poker Reviews. And that's why we created this article. Our opinion in summary is rather positive because of the merger with the PokerStars operator. As PokerStars.com, FullTiltPoker.com has a long and rich history that led to these developments. Full Tilt Poker, which was created in 2004 by professional poker players. It has become very popular with poker pros. And it was considered at its peak, like one of the best online poker rooms. However, on April 15, 2011, known as the "Black Friday", the site was closed on the orders of the US government. Finally, an agreement was concluded with the US Department of Justice, where the Rational Group, then PokerStars company, was allowed to buy the assets of Full Tilt and to repay the players on both sites.

It is its story, but we can turn to the future to find out if you will choose the site for your next games. It seems that the large number of tournaments and the welcome bonus can tip the balance in favor of Full Tilt. But as always, each player must judge himself.

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