Everest Poker Reviews: The Analysis of Pros


Everest Poker has been a leading international poker room since 2005. With successful players, constant payments and a large selection of promotions and rewards, Everest stands out like a smaller but effective poker site. Welcoming major events such as Everest European Poker Championship, Live and Satellite Games are also popular as online tournaments and the Ring Games. Everest is particularly good for holders of Hold'em and Omaha, main variants of the game. Everest Poker newspaper : It's right away.

Quality Reviews of Everest Poker

Although the software is stable, well-built and offers high quality poker graphics, a fluid game and resizable tables, it is simpler than other large poker rooms.

One of the advantages of Everest software is that players can play on 8 tables at a time. They can also resize them effectively while maintaining large cards.

In addition, Everest Poker offers training to new players to test their skills on some games. This, before moving on to real money. Avatars and historical quality hands are available for 30 days so that players can track their progress in the game. Everest continues to update his software, especially since players make suggestions for improvement. Note a recent redesign of the lobby for better navigation.

Everest Poker Reviews: players competition

One of the characteristics of Everest is that players can compete in 15 different languages. There is a worldwide spirit that underpins the competition on Everest Poker. However, players always compete for prices, while a hard core of regular players know their presence in the poker rooms. Low-legating players tend to be strong and consistent. Everest has a presence on its poker room that encourages new players to learn solid poker and to master the skills of the game, offering tools and the training room to solidify the players for a longer duration on the site.

There seems to be a constant relaxation about some players at all levels, many of them being in the games and tournaments with average and higher stakes. For experienced and savvy players, it makes a game difficult to let. Thanks to the notes of players and interactive discussions, the wise players can know who their tough competition is and who they will find very comfortable meeting around the table when they seek ways to make banks with loose players.

Traffic levels

At low traffic times, players can increase to about 3000 to 4000 online, just under 600 tables. At peak hours, however, the international community is strength. High traffic times can see more than 23,000 players on the Ring Game and Real Silver Tournaments tables. Two thirds of the busiest players participate in the various tournament games and a third party remains at the Ring Games.

Everest Poker VIP Program

Everest Poker offers a generous loyalty program for VIP players called the VIP Summit Club. All Everest Poker players can register at the Summit Club. Players earn Summit points of all real money games that add to their account and offer multi-level bonuses of different points. Summit Club members have access to level freerolls of € 5,000, weekly. Every month, players can earn up to € 5,000 in bonus and see their Summit points increased up to 900%.

There are seven levels of the Summit Club and players benefit from the benefits of their level for a guaranteed month, except at the two higher levels, which offer you three months of guaranteed benefits. The levels calculate by the total number of points that a player wins during the previous Civil Month. VIP Summit Club members can convert points in cash, gaining bonus points to increase the totals, register for the buy-ins of tournaments with points of points and buy gifts and goods in the Summit shop.

At Everest Poker, the Poker Player community is both a learning community and a community that rewards the active and regular poker game for Hold'em and Omaha enthusiasts. With rewards and easy access features, Everest Poker is a common choice for players who love simple poker action. Everest Poker is open to most international players (American players are not allowed). Registration and software are free.

Registration bonus and new freerolls of applicants

Currently, the bonus is 400 € when players register for a new account. Sometimes the lump sum bonus reaches up to 500 € for additional bonus promotions. In any case, new players can deposit any amount - 10 €, 20 €, 100 € and they will receive the bonus of 400 €. Bonus money is free in the form of incremental payments when players earn Summit points to play real money. For every rake dollar, players earn a Summit point.

For each euro of tournament fees, players earn up to eight points. Even partial amounts in euros are credited for the total points of the Player Summit. The Summit points not only release the bonus deposit, but also unlock participation and gifts in Everest Online Poker VIP programs.

In addition to bonuses and points, new players can participate in a new freeroll tournament of applicants. For newly registered players who make a first deposit within 30 days of creating their player's account, a freeroll token is added to the account. This is used to register for the weekly freeroll of € 1,000 for new deposaries, which takes place on Mondays and Thursdays at 7:30 pm GMT. Players receive the token automatically, but still need to be actively enrolled in the tournament.

Everest Poker Reviews: Deposit and withdrawal methods

Everest Poker supports some of the most common repository and removal means for online poker rooms. Credit card deposits and visa debit card, Visa Electron and Mastercard are welcome. Electronic portfolios such as Moneybookers, Click2Pay, Entroplay and Neteller are safe and popular ways to make instant deposits and remove earnings on the same account.

The withdrawals of electronic portfolios are generally treated within one business day. Prepaid cards additional such as landscard and direct banking options do not support withdrawals in the same way, so that a separate withdrawal function should be recorded on the account of a player. Everest also supports check withdrawals, whose reception can take up to six weeks. With withdrawals of checks as with any means of deposit and withdrawal, Everest Poker Notice can random identity verification to ensure that the player's account remains secure.

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