Free Game: Discover the 88 Fortunes Slot Machine


We are talking about today about the Slot machine 88 fortunes Scientific Games. It is based on a very popular physical slot machine, and the online version was launched in all casinos on July 6, 2016. The game is full of lucky charm and symbols of very superstitious Chinese culture, and it comes delivered with 4 different progressive jackpots.

All runs on 5 rollers, 3 lines and 243 ways to win. You can place bets as high as 88 £ on all devices and platforms. You can redeclighten the free turns function indefinitely with 3 Scatters. All low value card combination symbols are deleted. You can buy gold coins to increase your chances of winning jackpots. The biggest potential lies anyway in the free turns feature.

The RTP on the free game 88 fortunes is 96%, which gives us a home advantage of 4%. You should also be aware that it is a very volatile game and you need to prepare for periods of drought between the larger victories. The soundtrack, graphics and colors will immediately raise your mind. All lucky symbols can certainly not harm your chances of winning wholesale on this game.

The symbols in the 88 fortunes slot machine

The free 88 fortunes machine is delivered with many golden value symbols inspired by Chinese and Asian culture, as well as common symbols of combination of low value cards. You must land between 3 and 5 corresponding symbols on a payment line to win:

  • Golden Eagle - Pay 1000 pieces for 5 on a payment line
  • Golden Ship - Payroll 500 Pieces for 5 on a Payment Line
  • Gold Turtle - Payroll 400 Rooms for 5 on a payment line
  • Gold Vase - Payroll 250 Rooms for 5 on a Payment Line
  • Mandela - pay 100 pieces for 5 on a payment line
  • Card Combination Symbols - Low value symbols that pay 50 pieces for 5 on a payment line

What are the bonus features?

You will find that the 88 fortunes slot machine comes with 2 major bonus features, namely free turns feature and Fu-Bat Jackpot feature. It's pretty much everything for this game, and there is really not much to say. Of course, you need to play during a number of gold symbols to access the Jackpot function when the FU-Bat Wild symbol arrives. Otherwise, he will act as an ordinary Joker symbol by replacing all the other symbols.

The function of free turns on the 88 fortune slot machine is triggered when you land at least 3 gong Scatters from the first reel. You will receive 10 free tops immediately, and the low value card combination symbols will be replaced by the 5 top value symbols in the free turns function. This, of course, considerably increases your chances of big gains.

How to play on the free game 88 Fortunes

The interface of this game is a bit unusual, and we will explain everything you need to know here. If you are a beginner, you should be even more attentive, because what you do not know could cost you money on the road.

Golden symbols

The most valuable symbols of this game.
You can choose between 5 different game modes, and each mode adds an additional gold symbol to the mixture. Of course, you will have to pay a supplement for this by turn, and the addition of the maximum of 5 golden symbols will cost you 10 times more expensive in relation to the addition of a single golden symbol to the mixture.

The game of gains of the game 88 fortunes

You can check the gains table by clicking on the "I" icon on the right side. The symbols will change depending on the level of golden symbols you have chosen. You can have 5 golden symbols, which are more valuable than ordinary symbols. If you only choose one gold symbol, the rest of the symbols will be regular and pay less.

You can read everything about it, as well as the game bonuses, in the gains table. Simply use the arrows to scroll, and you will find all the most relevant information summarized in one place. The moment has come to choose your level of bet. You do this by clicking on the arrows and less on the left side. The bet range ranges from 0.8 € to 88 € per turn, but you must play with at least € 0.8 per turn to be eligible for the Grand Jackpot.

The Rules of the Fortunes Machine 88

If you want to see the rules of the game, you can click on the? icon down in the left corner.
This will open a new window for you, where you can know everything about the operation of this game. The gear icon under the rotation button takes you to the parameter menu. The only thing you can do here, however, is to activate / disable the sound.


We know the Chinese for their love of the game and their superstitious approach. The FREE MACHINE 88 fortunes has everything you need to wear luck according to traditions; The golden and red colors, happiness and happiness figure 88. As a very volatile game, you can increase your "luck" by buying gold symbols, which will also give you access to the 4 progressive jackpots. A volatile game and well done with a decent basic game potential to start!


  • Function of free turns with only high value symbols
  • 4 different progressive jackpots up to 2,272 x
  • High volatility and maximum gain of the basic game up to 2,761 x

The inconvenients

  • Not easy to win the biggest jackpots

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