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The FREE MACHINE ZEUS Williams Interactive was launched in 2014. This includes a Wild indicated by the temple and a scatter indicated by the Thunder icon. Like most casino games, this slot machine comes with a demonstration version that players can use to analyze its operation without risking their money. For the Greek god of Thunder to direct Mount Olympus, players are supposed to start by adjusting their bet. There is a line option to use to adjust the payment lines and a bet option to adjust the value of the part. The part varies between 0.01 and 5.

To start playing, a player must click on the rotation button. The slot machine also has an automatic playback function. It allows the automatic rotation of the rollers during a predefined number of times. Continue reading Zeus's reviews to see more details.

General description of the ZEUS slot machine

The Zeus Side Machine is an ancient Greek-style game in which people have a chance to meet the powerful mythological god, Master of Lightning and Thunder. In addition, in the Zeus slot machine, you can meet things like gold lyres, flying unicorns, mountains and other interesting features. The other features of this slot machine include spins, Wild and Free Spins. Players can play 30p to 159p each turn.

As for the visuals, the free game Zeus machine takes place in the heavens, above Mount Olympus. The game has very simple graphics and various symbols. The most rewarding of them is of course Zeus himself. It rewards 16.66 times the bet for a person for 5 in a combination. The Wild symbol can replace all other symbols in the slot machine with the exception of the Scatter to create winning combinations.

If a player succeeds at least three dispersions, the Zeus function will be launched, leading to the rewards below:

  • 3 Scatters attribute ten free turns
  • 4 Scatters give 25 free turns
  • 5 Scatters win 100 free turns


The Zeus free machine is quite easy to play, even for beginners. To understand how to win the Zeus slot machine, players must first know the structure of the game.
It is a slot machine that has five rollers and three rows. During the standard game, the Zeus symbol is stacked, which makes it land on several points of the coil.

Apart from this, this slot machine includes the wild icons, which also contribute to the process and are stacked during the bonus tour. Players can win with winning symbol combinations on the lines, starting from left to right. And according to the configuration of a player, there may be as little as five or 30 active lines. Many winning lines require only three symbols for players to win. The top symbol is Zeus, and players only need two on the line to win. The second most paid symbol of the Zeus slot machine (the Pegasus) also needs two on a line so that a victory will occur. The bonus is triggered if a player lands between 3 and 5 dispersions.

Balance and volatility

On the Zeus slot machine, players are guaranteed reasonable gains during the standard game. However, the bonus is the one that rewards the most thanks to Zeus icons. Wild icons also replace Zeus and give players up to 500 times their bet. Playing the Zeus slot machine at a higher limit where the Pegasus symbol pays on a two-roller coil is also beneficial. The Zeus Slot Machine Bonus is what allows players to get high rewards; Otherwise, there will be so little to appreciate in this game unless you are lucky.

The Bonus Tour of the Side Machine Zeus

The Zeus Machine Bonus Tower is triggered whenever players land a minimum of three scatter symbols on active lines. If a player gets three scatters, he / she receives ten free turns. If a player gets four scatters, he / she receives 25 free turns. And if a player gets five scatters, he / she receives 100 free turns. Zeus's free turns session can also be relaunched when players get at least three Thunderbolts lights during free tricks assigned to them. Get more dispersion in this slot machine further rewards free turns.

There are even other extras during free falls. This applies to the function of rolling rollers where there are multiplier gains at each turn. They go from 3x, 7x, 11x to 21x. When a person gets a 21x multiplier at the highest turn, the victory at each free turn is worth the fortune of a Greek god.

Winning paylines and jackpots

The free zone machine, like The free machine 88 fortunes, is a mid-variance machine, which means it can be difficult to gain a lot. But it is possible for players to benefit from reasonable income and to entertain. The parts of Zeus slot machines range from 0.01 to 5.00. A player must use one room each on a payment line. The minimum bet on each line must be 0.30 and the maximum payment per line of payment must be 5.00. Players can also have a maximum bet of 150.00.

This rewards 2500.00 and equals 500 casino credits. The symbols of Zeus slot machines can also be stacked. This means that players can touch jokers stacked at each turn. The number of lines active in the game is thirty, allowing players to have their cash reserves during the time they pre

Mobile version of the Zeus Side Machine

The Zeus Free Machine without download is also available on mobile devices. If you are an iOS and Android user, you can access it on your mobile device wherever you are. If you are using a Microsoft device via the Windows operating system or even BlackBerry, you can also access this slot machine. The iPad is also not left out. In fact, on an iPad, you will enjoy the perfect functionality of the Zeus Slot mobile app because the slot machine loads faster.

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