Trustly, the Swedish giant of virtual payment

In this article, you will meet the Trustly payment method; How to use it in a casino, what are the best online casinos that accept it, as well as many other useful information. Swedish company founded in 2008, it today has customers all over the world, a European union. Popular, Trustly allows its customers to pay from their online bank account, without card or application.

Trustly, the online payment come from the cold

Trustly is an online payment solution offered by a digital supplier. It offers an independent banking service, allowing consumers and players to pay directly from their bank account in a simple, fast and secure way. This is a tool for performing payments from the user's bank, an online provider. Their product is versatile because it allows consumers and traders to send and receive funds. As you do not have to register to use Trustly, personal data are never stored. In addition, the company uses the highest encryption standard, coupled with the Bank's security system. Used by more than 6,000 sites, including Alibaba, Facebook, Ebay or Etoro, the platform has become very popular in recent years.

How does TRUSTly work?

Online payment platform Trustly helps casino players make their payments more easily. Trustly (formerly known as InstantBank), introduced Pay and Play as its live payment technology worldwide. The goal was to set up intelligent and practical banking experience for European players. By removing the exchange of information between players and online casinos, this modern system opened the door to a new era of trust and fluidity in the game industry.

Thanks to Trustly's innovative technology, players can now deposit and remove money directly from and to their bank account. Enter an online casino and start directly to have fun from your computer, your mobile or other nomadic device. The only disadvantage is that all casinos do not offer Trustly in their means of payment, while others accept it, but without pay and play.

On the Australian market

If the online casinos that accept Trustly in Australia are not numerous, you can always find them by looking for the company's logo on the payments page. Before opting for this method, you should know that the list of countries covered by Trustly is a little reduced. Accepted countries are mainly in the European Union, with a few exceptions.

If you want to use Trustly in a Australian casino, it is possible, provided that the casino has a contract with the company that ensures the payment. In this case, simply select your bank and connect. Then choose the account from which you want to pay and finally, confirm the transfer with your preferred authentication method. We therefore speak here a practical and really secure method. So if your country is part of those authorized by the Swedish Fintech company, it is recommended to use it.

Australian online casinos

If you want to know the best online Francophone casinos accepting Trustly, check out the list below. But first, we would like to introduce our in-depth selection process and the criteria required by the sites. They are the result of our extensive experience in the online gambling industry, combined with current trends and Consumer advice. These factors include security, the proposed game collection, ease of use, the simplicity of the banking system and more. You must always check the certificate and authorization of the casino you like and that you consider as your next place of play. We must still remember the friendliness of the site, as well as mobile compatibility, etc. According to our research, the top 6 of the best casinos accepting Trustly are:

How to use Trustly for its deposits

Making a deposit with Trustly is a very simple and secure action. The biggest advantage is that you do not need to register to use the service. You must have an account in one of the participating banks. To make your deposit, you go to your player account and choose the payment option. You mark the amount you want to deposit and opt for the payment method you like. If it's Trustly, just enter your data and do the transaction.

If you want to play and drop money with Pay N Play, Trustly's technology for instant games, register with a deposit. To register and deposit, all a player must do is make a deposit via his bank online. Some people in the industry refer to Pay N Play as a "without registration" product, which is inaccurate as such, since a player account is indeed created, but with a minimum of interaction required of the Part of the player.) During this stage, operators can verify the identity and age of the player, make sure he or she is allowed to play.

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