Revolut: the rechargeable card for the assault of the casinos

Revolut is a modern payment solution, and as its name suggests, really revolutionary. The card offers a good way to manage your money. The Revolut team built the first super-application
truly global financial financial. His story begins in 2015, when the company was launched in the United Kingdom by offering the transfer and exchange of money. Today, its customers come from all over the world and use dozens of
Innovative products to perform more than 100 million transactions per month. The idea was to give more control to people on their finances, while connecting them so.

Revolut, an ideal online payment solution on casinos

The British society has become really popular in recent years and the reason is very obvious. It offers an online payment solution managed by a mobile application and to use a physical or virtual card. All financial and banking services are specially adapted for foreign currency payments. This is one of the most important benefits of Revolut: the possibility of converting currencies to the best possible rates. The other assets of this online payment solution are the possibility of transferring free money for free and pay all over the world without any fees. Without a doubt, we quickly became a fan of the service that helps save by getting the lowest possible currency conversion rate through the use of the application.

How to use revolut on an online casino

You can easily use your Revolut to make deposits on an online casino. However, the service does not support certain operators in the Paris and Games sectors. If the casino you like to accept revolutions, you can very simply make a deposit or withdrawal with the card. Navigate to your favorite online casino site and see if it accepts revolted as a payment solution in the dedicated section. You may not see the logo revolved the site, certainly, but if the Visa or MasterCard logos appear is that you can make your payments using your Revolut card.

How to make a deposit with its rechargeable card?

Realize a payment on the casino of your choice is a very simple process. Just follow these few steps:

  1. Create an account on your favorite online casino (if you do not already have one). Enter your preferred payment method (this can be part of the account creation process, or you may need it separately on the deposit page) by selecting the payment method (Visa or MasterCard) depending on the model your revolut card.
  2. Enter the details of your card. These will usually include the card number, the name of the holder, the expiry date and the CVV number (located on the back of your card).
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit. Finally check that all the details are correct and click on "Remove". It's so simple.

Is the Revolut payment card a good solution?

For many, the Revolut Payment Card has always been a good payment solution, especially for those traveling. For example, when you go on vacation in a country with a different currency, the change issue is no longer. In addition, you can exchange money with your loved ones and via simple free and instantaneous transfers. To pay in an online casino, it is the same principle. Whatever the currency you use, you can deposit and remove at a preferential exchange rate.

It should be noted that it is possible to have a revolut account without asking for a card. In this case, you will have the possibility to make transfers, but no online payments. The Revolut Payment Card is free if you choose the classic MasterCard. We can say that the Casino Revolut payment card is a good solution. To try it, download the application on your mobile or tablet, or go to the site. The brand having recently set up a computer version. Then create your account and ask to receive your card. This one is free, only the shipping costs of a few euros are requested.

What are the casinos that accept it?

To know the casinos that accepting the revolut card, you must simply go to the "Methods of Payment" section of the platforms you like. The majority of casinos accepted Visa and Mastercard,
This also allows the use of revolut. Log in to your favorite casino and go directly to the payment section. Choose Martercard or Visa, depending on the card you have, and you make your payment. Withdrawals are made in the same way.

Revolut Notice - What you need to know

Revolut is a legitimate business and a safe option to send money abroad. The company is authorized by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority). Between the Revolut app and the MasterCard you receive, you have several payment options: card, transfer or even the removal of species on a distributor. As shown briefly above, being user of the Revolut platform will give you access to a number of benefits, depending on the level of account you choose. In addition to the possibility of using it as a basic financial operator, the holders of a revolut account can buy and sell popular crypto-currencies, including Bitcoin.

There are three different options regarding the Revolut account. If the classic offer is generally sufficient, some may prefer the benefits of premium and metal offers. These offer priority treatment with customer service and access to certain airport fairs. In general, the Revolut application offers unparalleled convenience and flexibility on the market because you can send funds to your s in a few clicks on the button. Many application users also find the safety of awesome revolut. When you play Casino for example, you can be reassured.

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