MasterCard, Leader of Deposits & Withdrawals

Mastercard is a payment option that certainly does not need to be presented to credit and debit cards users. With Visa, it is part of the most used means of payment in online stores and casinos you will encounter on the net.
Created in 1966, it is a very deemed payment method that has been used in millions of transactions around the world, as well as in countless international websites. It is accepted in more than 210 countries. To get your MasterCard, you will need to ask your bank.

Why use MasterCard in online casinos?

  • Using this method of payment allows you to easily deposit and remove;
  • You can benefit from many welcome bonuses offered in MasterCard online casinos;
  • MasterCard allows you to deposit large sums of money;
  • Mastercard online casinos have excellent payment percentages;
  • MasterCard and online casinos have a recognized customer service to help you in case of problems

How to make a withdrawal using MasterCard?

1. Find the online casino removal page
If luck has smiled you during your game sessions on an online casino, so the desire to withdraw your winnings will probably be strong enough. If this is the case, the first thing you will need to do is go to the casino withdrawal page in question.

2. Select MasterCard as a payment option
Once on this page, you will need to select MasterCard as a withdrawal option. You will then be directed to the withdrawal page of your online casino.

3. Enter your details, the amount of the withdrawal and the information of the map
When you are on the online casino removal page, you then have to fill in the fields provided. This means entering your details with the amount you want to remove and the map information. Then, simply click the Submit button.

4. Wait for your money to appear in your account
Once you have done the steps above, you will simply have to wait until the withdrawal is assigned so that your money appears in your account. For this, MasterCard and the online casino on which you remove money will perform prior verification.

Which online casinos accept MasterCard in Australia?

We have prepared the following list to provide you with information on the top 10 online casinos:

With regard to the transfer times of online casinos, you will see that it is rarely necessary for deposits and withdrawals to take effect. While deposits via MasterCard are usually treated in minutes, withdrawals generally take longer. However, the withdrawal speed is also fast enough when you use it as a payment option. It can still take a few days.

The advantages and disadvantages of MasterCard

Advantages of MasterCard

  • MasterCard values the safety of its customers before anything else.
  • The company targets widely accepted payment eoption.
  • Safe and secure method of deposit.
  • MasterCard allows you to deposit large sums of money.
  • MasterCard allows you to benefit from various benefits.


  • Fees can sometimes apply.
  • All casinos do not allow withdrawals.

How to make a deposit with MasterCard?

1. Choose an online casino

Check out the complete list of casinos, classified and examined and Choose the best. To do this, read our reviews and make your choice according to various specifications like software, variety of games, bonuses, payment rates and more.

2. Create an account on the casino of your choice
Once you have selected the casino of your choice, you will have to create an account.

3. Navigate to the payment page
After creating an account on an online casino, you must as a player access the payment page of your online casino and select MasterCard from the list of available payment options.

4. Fill out your details and card information

Then fill your details and the information on your card to complete the transaction. Once done, simply submit your details.

5. Wait for confirmation

After submitting your payment, you will have to wait for confirmation and reconnect to start using your money to play games.

MasterCard values the safety of its customers before anything else. The company aims for excellence in this regard and always ensures that the security measures it takes are up to date. On the one hand, the company has put in place a zero liability policy to protect its customers when unauthorized transactions are performed. So, if you are using MasterCard in an online casino, you can rest assured that you will only be responsible for transactions you have authorized and nothing more.

The four options of the brand

As a mastercard user, you can choose from the four Types of cards of the company. These include their credit card, debit card, prepaid card and gift card. Take a look below for more information about them:

Credit card

The MasterCard credit card is an ordinary credit card offered by many institutions around the world. If it is your favorite credit card, know that you can get one of three available cards; The standard MasterCard credit card, the World MasterCard and the World Elite MasterCard. Although the World Elite MasterCard has its own advantages, the standard MasterCard credit card, with its zero liability protection, its extensive warranty and protection against identity theft, is certainly sufficient for use when transferring funds to Online casinos. Attached interest and payment terms depend on the particular institution that provides the map. If you choose to use this particular payment method, you will find that the MasterCard credit card is usually very well adapted to online games in most countries. However, if you are a British player, you can no longer use credit cards in online casinos.

Debit card

The MasterCard debit card is another type of popular card with online casino players and, like credit card, is very widely recognized and accepted. This card combines the amenities and advantages of MasterCard to the difference that you will not be allowed to borrow money from the bank. Instead, the funds are taken directly from your bank account. Therefore, you will never receive an invoice from your bank indicating that you owe money, which will allow you to keep the total control of your finances.

Prepaid card

Prepaid cards are defined by MasterCard as a simpler and easier way of payment. You can buy prepaid cards from your bank, some stores and online if you wish. However, you will probably need proof of your identity and address when applying. To start using your card, you may need to activate it and save it to make a purchase. Therefore, you must check the terms and conditions of the site you use. The prepaid card is accepted on most online casino websites and is used as a debit card. Therefore, when transferring money, you will find that the amount will be deducted from your card as a debit card. Once you no longer have funds on your prepaid card, you can recharge it, provided you have purchased a rechargeable prepaid mastercard card. To find out if you can actually do this with your card, you actually have to watch the MasterCard logo Reprower on the back of your card.

Gift card

Gift cards tend to be provided by third parties as gifts. They work in the same way as prepaid cards. So, you can also use them to play in a MasterCard online casino.


MasterCard appears as the most popular payment solution with casino players, as it is already with consumers in general. Essential, it is of course proposed by the gaming sites as a means of payment and withdrawal, like its main competitor, the visa.

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