Astropay, the alternative payment method

Astropay Started to write his story in 2009 with the first product offered by the company - the map Astropay. Since then, the activity has been extended to all Latin America, as well as in Asia, Africa and Europe. With great experience in emerging markets, the brand offers an efficient and reliable solution to all its customers. With offices in the United Kingdom and Latin America, it is today a globalized payment solution for local implantation.

Astropay, the other online payment solution

Astropay is the online payment solution that has the greatest experience in emerging markets. It aims to facilitate the access of traders to non-bank sectors in the different countries where they operate, as well as to open doors on new markets. It also offers a safe and reliable purchase process, thanks to risk prevention and fraud measures in each country. In fact, as it is a modern solution, online casinos have very quickly understood the importance of proposing such a type of payment on their site. Since then, this service is mainly used by Igamers as another way to finance their player account.

The Astropay card can be used to make purchases, pay invoices and casino deposits. It is offered with different values ranging from $ 25 to $ 500. To buy it, users must register on the official website of the service. Although the card does not take charge of only one quote, the US dollar, however, can be purchased in 10 different currencies. Cardholders may have several Astropay cards, whose exact number depends on the country in which they reside.

Pay online with an astropay card

As you have already understood, Astropay is a payment platform widely used by online casinos. So, should it be adopted? First and foremost, other competing payment services, Astropay transactions are performed instantly
that the transfer is allowed. You are ready to play your favorite casino games in a moment, which seems almost immediately. Another distinct advantage of using this prepaid virtual card lies in its security. By entering only the information displayed on your Astropay card, it will not be necessary to provide your bank details.

The brand in Australia

Online casinos make the choice of payment methods that they offer. The process is bilateral. This means that the casino and the payment provider must agree to offer the service. That's why you will find some sites offering Astropay and others, no. To find a Online Casino Australia Astropay, simply check the page relating to the means of payment. Sometimes the cards and other types of online wallet are also listed on the homepage. We can recommend some of the Australian online casinos reliable who accept Astropay, such as, Le Casino Tortuga. and And intend and its welcome bonuses of 110% up to 110 € and 400 € for 300 € deposited.

Australian online casino accepting astropay

For those who wish to try a secure payment method other than a bank card, you can play and deposit money with your Astropay account. Finding a Australian online casino that accepts both Astropay and the players of Australia or Canada is not always very easy, but it's possible. In addition to Tortuga Casino, you will recommend Jack21, Royal Rabbit Or Lucky Luck. The three accept this method of payment as well as most Francophone players around the world. However, it should be noted that using Astropay, you can make a deposit, but you will not be able to withdraw your earnings, prepaid card obliges. On the other hand, you can request that the money be for example directly transferred to your bank account.

How to make a deposit using this method

Making a deposit in online casinos via a prepaid virtual astropay card is instantaneous and looks like a deposit via a credit or debit card. The Astropay card must be selected as the deposit option in the "CASS" section or "Player Account", depending on the termonology used by the casino. Then, the system will ask you to choose a certain amount of deposit, as well as the card number, the CVV code and the expiration date of it. Most online gaming providers do not charge a fee for deposits via Astropay cards. The service itself does not impose a fee for transfers. On the other hand, you can even receive a deposit bonus as is sometimes the case on some casinos.

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