Klarna, the payment solution dedicated to online casinos

Klarna. is an online payment method of becoming one of the most popular with players from Australian online casino. This is a Swedish company offering several different products, including instantaneous payments directly from your bank account. We also find the option "Pay after delivery", as well as monthly packages that allow to pay in several installments.

Klarna was founded in 2005 in Stockholm as a new Online payment platform innovative. Since its creation, the purpose of the service is to offer buyers of safer, simple and flexible payment options. The company first launched on the Swedish market, before expanding to Norway, Finland and Denmark. In 2014, Klarna merged with Sofort, a prominent instantaneous bank company available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Belgium. From this operation was born the Grand Klarna group.

Over the years, Klarna has acquired several companies and developed products that, although completely different from each other, have all been considered innovative. Today, Klarna is one of the largest banks in Europe with about 60 million users in 14 countries. It offers technologically advanced and consumer-oriented payment solutions. These are widely accepted by online traders across Europe and the United States since 2015. Made important for silver game fans, Klarna is now offered in a large number of online casinos. This allows bettors to remove easily and in a few clicks.

How to use Klarna as a payment method on an online casino?

Klarna works almost like all other instant banking services. That is, casino players can transfer funds directly from their bank accounts. Unlike traditional online banking processed by the financial institution itself, payments via Klarna are instantaneous. In addition, these are equipped with an additional level of security, eliminating almost entirely the risk of data and fraud. To use this service, bettors must simply choose a casino on which Klarna is offered and have internet access to their bank.

Now it's important to understand that all Klarna products are not available for online game. Naturally, the billing and payments option can not be used for deposits in online casinos. The third option is however a real instantaneous bank service. This makes it a wonderful alternative to services such as Trustly or Giropay. Unlike these and others Instant Banking ProvidersKlarna is available in several countries and is offered by a growing number of online casinos. Currently, it supports local currencies of merchant countries - EUR, GBP, USD, DKK, SEK, NOK, AUD and CHF. In the sections below, we will review the different options offered by Klarna and their advantages.

How to make a withdrawal via Klarna on an online casino in Australia?

The Klarna Direct Transfer Service can be used for quick and easy deposits. Players do not need to record separate account. Thus, the transfer will be successful if the casino and the bank have an account with Klarna and Sofort support. The bettors only need a bank account, activate online banking and stable Internet connection.

When Klarna's payment system window opens, you must choose your country as well as your bank. Then, simply enter the information provided by the Bank (PIN, account number and password). You can receive a TAN (by e-mail or SMS) that you will need to enter to allow the transaction. TAN means a transaction authentication number and is used by some banks as a single-use password to allow financial transactions. Sometimes banks use TAN generators that provide the customer with this password.

The funds are then taken directly from the bank account and transferred to the casino cash system. Deposits via this method are instantaneous, secure and at no extra charge. Indeed, the service imposes no processing fee. However, players must check with their banking institution if additional charges apply. In addition, this method is available from any mobile device, making the deposit even easier and more convenient.

Australian online casino accepting Klarna

Klarna is a means of payment Incredibly secure. With him, your bank details are not shared with the casino or another merchant. These are encrypted and stored safely. So, you can be sure that all your data will remain private and secure when playing on casinos.

The fact that you do not need to register an account with Klarna when financing your game balance with it is also a guarantee that you will not share your personal information with third parties. Many other online payment services such as electronic portfolios and even other instant bank transfer methods need to register with them - it means that you must provide your full name, address, bank account number or credit card, date of birth, etc. Incrusing potential risks, Klarna continues to require the minimum data sensitive data.

You can enjoy the Klarna Payment option in Australia on CasinoExtra and Lucky13 online casinos.

How to make a deposit?

Some casinos also offer Sofort instant transfers as a withdrawal option. In order to recover funds on your casino's balance using this method, you must open the Cashier page of the Game Web site and choose Klarna or Sofort in the list of available options. When you do it, a pop-up window will open and you will be prompted to log in to your account or use the registration details that have been stored at a previous Klarna / Sofort Transfer.

In most cases, you will not be able to transfer funds directly from your gaming account to your bank account without having a Klarna account. Also note that the payment method will be displayed on the Casino site as a Sofort. When the new window will open, you will see the Klarna interface. As mentioned earlier, it will depend on the country in which you live and the way Klarna / Sofort is marketed. Withdrawals through this method typically take 2 to 3 working days. There is no fee imposed by the service, but some casinos can charge you a modest sum. Bank charges are also possible.

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