How to win Keno? Some tips from pros

It's an easy game of chance like lottery games. But how to really win Keno?
You must select 20 numbers from 1 to 80 and register them in your grid. Ensuite, 20 balls are drawn and more you have shots, the more you go won keno.

The word KENO has Australian and Latin roots (in Australian Quine means "5 winning numbers", in Latin Quini means "all five"), but the game itself comes from China. There is even a legend in China that says that the funds harvested through the game have greatly helped build the great wall of China.

There are several types of keno games, but they all vary between 65% and 80%. This makes the game less interesting for professional players who have turned to poker and blackjack

What are the rules of Keno?

In the standard online keno game (Keno Universe), the player must bet on numbers from 1 to 80. Once done, 20 numbers will be random.
The draws of numbers in online casinos are done through specialized software. The player wins in Keno according to:

  • Number of numbers on which he has bet
  • Many known
  • Amount

You can choose between 2 and 20 numbers on a total of 80. The weakest dimensions apply to two known and highest numbers to ten known numbers. Here it is important to know that gains depend on the specific play developer.

Types of Paris to win Keno

Some online casinos can offer different types of bets when you play Keno. In addition to betting method Standard, which pays from 2 to 10 numbers, you can find other bet options.
Below we will mention the ones we spotted in online casinos:

  • Paris Rights: This is the standard form of Paris on Keno. The player chooses some numbers and is paid depending on the number of games. Some casinos also offer payment if none of the numbers chosen by the player is removed.
  • Paris Up / Down: The player bets on more numbers selected from the first 40 or the last 40 digits. In some cases, the player can bet that all bullets will be drawn up or down, and this type of bet also has higher dimensions.
  • Numbers peers / odd: In some Keno games, you can bet on the fact that the bullets you choose will be pair or odd. In this market, you also increase the betting ratio and earn more money.
  • Combinations: The player bets on a certain group of numbers to choose from (in addition to the normal choice). This bet usually includes combinations of 2 or 4 numbers. If all numbers are selected in combination, the player receives a bonus payment based on the odds provided by the casino.

How to win Keno regularly: strategies and tricks

In the game of Keno, you can not use a specific strategy that will bring you profits. The system chooses random numbers. Strategic approaches to earn money can not be included here. If you play Keno for fun without investing real money, you can try your luck as many times as you want. However, if you want to bet real money on the Keno, look for an online casino that will provide you with different options from Paris.

If you bet small sums, in case of success, the benefits will be lower. However, this is a better option because many betting sites allow you to place a minimum bet of € 0.01 or € 0.05. In the rooms the starting amount is higher. However, investing large sums in Keno can be very frustrating.

Discover what looks like a keno grid online winner.

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