Mathematical method to win Keno: Tips

You want to explore the mathematical method to win Keno?

We have a good news for you!
If the keno is a numbers game whose outcome is entirely determined by chance, however, there is a mathematical method to win Keno. It is not necessary to breathe into the evaluation of complicated theories on the level of competence of the player. Instead, as long as the precise rules are known, any party can calculate the exact odds of eventualities. It will not help a player to win, but it will give him a very good idea of his chances.

mathematical method to win Keno

How to win Keno with 2 numbers? There are two or three things you would do once you have made your Keno calculations.
First of all, it's not because the game implies a lot of luck and a minimal skill you earn easily. In fact, you will see that the advantage of the house enjoyed by the casino in Keno is more than what you see in most other casino games - Between 4% and 30%.

We do not have space here to provide all the necessary formulas to calculate all possible results in every possible variant of the game. Nevertheless, we can provide a fairly fast and easy mathematical method that will allow you to know what your chances are. You will need a scientific spreadsheet or calculator with the function COMBIN.
It can be described quite simply without any calculation being necessary.
The formula is as follows:

(W / T) x 100 = C%

W = The number of winning combinations
T = The total number of possible combinations
C = The chance of success, expressed as a percentage

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How to win Keno with a simple method?

To use this formula, you will need to calculate w and t using the Comb (N, S) function, where:
n = the numbers used
S = selected numbers.

For example, you want to calculate the chances of succeeding when selecting 3 numbers. In a game that pulls 20 numbers from 80, your calculations would be:
W = COMBIN (20,3) = 1,140
T = COMBIN (80,3) = 82,160
1140 divided by 82160 = 0,0138
0,0138 x 100 = 1,38%

You can therefore conclude that the chance percentage you catch the three of your numbers is 1.38%. It is important to remember that this formula calculates the probability that you reach with all your selections. Prices can of course be won by matching less than all your selections.

Although luck for a player to win the best possible price by selecting the maximum amount of numbers and making them match all is a mathematical point of view, the fact that luck is sufficient to make Keno a very popular game with those who love the idea of finding the method to win Keno and become rich quickly. Moreover there are consolation price For less lucky players.

What is the theory of probabilities to have the chance to win Keno?

By using The theory of probabilitiesyou can see that a number has A CHANCE OF FOUR To be chosen and so help you win at Keno for sure. However, as the number increases, the chances that numbers are on this list diminish. The chances you got two of the numbers increase, from one to four for one number to 1 out of 16.

Add to that the number of variables that would enter into play as the numbers would increase and you will see why the chances of guessing the correct number decrease. If you do your calculations correctly, you will discover that the chances of guessing correctly 10 of the 20 numbers are:
A huge 1 of 25,3801, while the chances of properly guessing every 20 numbers are:
One 1-out of 3, 535, 316, 142, 212, 180, 000.

Keno systems

Although the fans of Keno systems like to talk about guarantees, the vast majority of systems can only offer conditional. The only 100% guaranteed system to give the player a complete success is that consists of covering all possible combinations of numbers. Unfortunately, it would be much more expensive than what would be won by the possible winning entry.

At the opposite extreme are Keno systems that are very convenient because of their low cost. The disadvantage is that they offer the cheapest guarantees possible. For example, if you play a game that uses 80 numbers, you can play 8 entries and cover 10 different numbers on each entry. The guarantee of this particular system is that you catch all the numbers drawn, but of course, there is no guarantee that one of your entries will capture the 10 selected numbers. Although Keno systems are popular to play offline play, they are very difficult to use in online games because you usually can not play multiple entries. The good news is that online players can use this trick To win Keno.

The geometric models of Keno

These are predetermined means of selecting the numbers you play in a given tour of the game. There is two main types patterns that can be played, and these can be called geometric and digital.
When you play Geometric patterns, all you have to do is watch The digital grid used, to visualize a geometric pattern you like and to "draw" this pattern by selecting the numbers it covers.

For example, on a standard Keno table of 10 columns and 8 lines, you can choose to play the pattern "four corners" and select numbers 01, 10, 71 and 80.
Or you can choose to play the 4 x 2 central rectangle of numbers (8 numbers in total), as visualized horizontally or vertically.

Keno digital models

The digital models are sequences of numbers that have meaning from a mathematical point of view.
For example, you can choose to read:
The first 10 peer numbers (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, etc.)
or the last 10 odd numbers (79, 77, 75, 73, 71 and so on).
You can choose to play the first 10 prime numbers (2, 3, 5, 7, 11 and so on) or the first numbers (except the first) of the Fibonacci series (1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21 and so on).

There is no No guarantee, implicit or declared, when using Keno reasons, because Each number has exactly the same chance to be fired than any other. A selection of patterns of 10 numbers is therefore no longer likely to win than a completely random selection of 10 numbers, but it is not less likely to gain either, and a pattern input can be much more fun to to play.

We hope you already know much more about the mathematical method to win Keno. If you want to discover again, you can read our article on The winning Keno grid.

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