How much did you win in Keno? Interesting facts


How much did you win in Keno?

We are sure that Cheng Liung, from the Han dynasty has surpassed you!
According to the ancient history of China, he created a game very similar to Keno around 200 BC. His goal was to collect funds for the war, which had been lauding for several years. The funds decreased and the inhabitants of the city of Liung were no longer willing to give their money. Liung decides that a game of chance will be the best way to collect funds for his army.
Indeed, his game brought him enough to provide his army all he needed and the city was saved. In the following years, the game spread throughout China. It made it possible to collect enough money to erect the great wall of China, which is now a world-renowned monument

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How to play Keno?

With Keno, the player can choose numbers from 1 to 80. After completing the bet, 20 numbers are drawn and depending on the number of known numbers and the bet that the player has made, the corresponding gains are reported. Keno bets in different casinos are determined on an individual basis. There are those where the minimum bet is 0.05 €, and for the other 1 €. Online platforms use software that randomly pulls the winning numbers.

Keno How to play? The first thing you need to understand is that there is no strategy to use with the кeno. You can not predict which balls will come out of the rotating cage more than you can not bingo. The random number generator works in the same way with the online keno.

In reality, everything depends on your luck. Unlike games like blackjack, roulette and others, there is no way to make a precise prediction of which numbers are most often drawn and which are not. However, when you decide to bet on Keno, it is important to be aware of:

  • The minimum bet required by the casino or the online platform
  • Enjoy with 2 known numbers
  • What is the return on the bet
  • What are the risks of loss, etc.

What is the "Winning Grid" in Keno?

The Keno Winning Grid is not won just like that!
In addition to bets from 2 to 10 or 4 to 10 numbers, you get several markets with which you can bet in a non-traditional way. This type of bet also brings big profits, although it is more difficult to predict.
Here are the betting options available in Keno:

  • Paris on peer and odd numbers
    Here you can bet on peer or odd numbers;
  • Paris up and down
    This is an option where you bet on the first forty and the last forty numbers of the coupon. For example, you can bet that all numbers will be drawn from the top of the KENO card;
  • Combinations
    You place a bet on group numbers in the coupon. If you win, you can get a bonus that will double your gains;
  • Right bet - This is the classic bet type to choose the numbers in the game;
    Once you are familiar with betting options, you can try one when you play Keno. However, if you are a beginner, we propose you to play as standard by making direct bets. They have a better chance of making the desired profit.

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How to win Keno?

Play in online casinos offering higher ratings and gains. Some casinos have higher limits and maximum gains, which for a more serious player can not be a disadvantage. Thus, in addition to the thrill of the serious game, if your luck is with you or if you have an excellent strategy, you can enjoy big sums.

Play with 5 or 6 digits and numbers, preferably consecutive. Unlike popular belief, playing with more numbers does not increase your chances of winning Keno. According to the experts, 10 digits and or more numbers should not be chosen. The reason is that in this way the chances of winning are in fact reduced. You can increase your chances of winning thousands simply by choosing 5 or 6 digits and numbers, preferably consecutive and down often.

Keno How to win ? Keep in the numbers. Figures with which you usually play the most and consider changing them only when you notice that others have not fallen recently. So, if you remember numbers and numbers that have not dropped and you use them, the chances of falling very soon are much higher than for others, respectively, your chances of making a good profit are also the same.

What is your Keno Number Chance?

here are the 5 recurring numbers (often drawn): 23, 34, 72, 1 and 4. The most often draws numbers to numbers that are originated quite often during the last 50 prints are 3, 16, 44, 58 and 78.
So many numbers drawn that a player has his tickets, as much he will collect. The maximum number of drawing numbers is 20, but in reality, no one has ever reached 10 numbers on 20 (and it is not possible). Even guess 15 numbers is really difficult, as much as to guess 14 numbers, chances are 1: 390 million. The frequency of extraction of numbers should be observed, noted and then played to ensure more changes to the player.

The winning keno lifetime: result

Speaking of results, we need to mention the record won in Keno in Australia.
A 43-year-old Newcastle man won the Biggest Keno Jackpot in the history of the country - a huge 7 898 799 AUD - Northumberland Hotel de Lambton. The Keno Mega Million Jackpot August 10, 2018 was the Third Jackpot 10 Numbers - The best price of Keno - to win in Australia, and the biggest cash prize ever won in the country since the beginning of Keno.

Mega Millions is a premium version of the existing Keno Classic game and gives players the chance to earn $ 5 million or more every three minutes for $ 2. Mega Millions was launched in New South Wales in November 2016 and paid $ 64 million in cash prizes and sold six million bills. The winner spent $ 26 on the ticket, playing 13 games at $ 2. The winning numbers were 6, 7, 9, 10, 25, 26, 41, 43, 75 and 77.

And you, how many did you won Keno?

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