Online casinos: history and pioneers


Discover the story of online casinos

Since their appearance in the 1990s, online casinos have traveled a long way.
But who are the pioneers of this technological revolution?
We will see how the industry has evolved over the last twenty years, where the first licenses have been created and what is today's legislation. Diving in theHistory of online casinos.

The pioneers of the online game

The first online casinos licenses were granted in 1994 by Antigua and Barbuda, a Caribbean little nation, just after the government adopted the Freedom of Trade and Transformation Act.
The same year, the famous software developer Microgaming open their doors. The company starts as a small business focused mainly on silver games on the Internet. It grows rapidly after a few years and is now at the origin of numerous casinos on line leaders on the web.

Global regulation to supervise online casinos

Since online money games are becoming more and more popular, Canadians are the first to realize that a global licensing system is needed. They base the Kahnawake Gaming Commission In 1996, whose function is to create laws to ensure that authorized operators comply with laws and regulations and maintain their commitment to safe and responsible game.
While the Internet is modernizing and going to ADSL and much faster connections, the online gaming industry is growing with it. In 1998, the entire global silver game industry wins $ 834 million a year.

Poker and roulette online: real virtual

In the 1990s, many prosperous companies choose technology. One of them is Intertops, an online sports betting company that started accepting them by telephone in 1983.
In this way, the transition to the virtual 13 years later becomes easy.
In 1998 a large number of the most famous names in online poker and online roulette create their own brands, including PokerStars, Party Poker etc.

Origins of online casinos: legal battles

With the development of the Internet, some countries have trouble following the pace.
The United States, for example, have become a key battlefield for the future of the industry after federal legislators have adopted a law that prohibits Online silver games in the 50 states. However, things are slowly changing because the Department of Justice allows some states like Nevada and New Jersey to create their own legislation. At 2,000 kms from the United States, things are much more different; Montréal is among the Global Capitals of Online Games.
Europe also supports online casinos. The European Union ensures that most member countries act in accordance with competition and freedom issues to use Offshore sites.

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