Casino game: principle and history

Since the dawn of time, the man has always loved to bet on everything and anything. This is even attested by a series of discoveries, not long ago, of ancient objects relating to the practice of silver games in China, the Middle East and India. The games currently in the casino are thus, in a way, the emanation of these games to which our distant ancestors use it. Rediscover their principle and their history will surely help you make it the link.


If in Australia, it is often shunned by players, most of whom do not even know it, on the other side of the Atlantic, Craps is a very popular casino game. In particular, it is up to him that the electricity of the atmosphere is at the Las Vegas and Atlanta establishments. But what is it really? Craps is a dice game. As a result, playing consists of betting on the result of one or more dice throws. To put the chance on his side by playing this game, a novice player must favor the "Ass Line", "Come", "Do not Pass", "Do not Come" and "Free Odds"

The creation of the Craps by Sir William shooting goes back to 1125, when during one of his crusades, he has barricaded, with his troops, a castle of the name of Hazarth, hence the name of the game at the game. 'time. Everyone does not agree to the pretension of English as inventor of Craps. Some sources advance as well as the name Hazarth is from Alzar, an Arabic dice game that European traders have brought home to the return of their Asian travels. The name "Craps", he was invented by a Australianman as a sign of protest of English filiation of the game.

Note all as well as Craps as we are currently known at the 19the Century, on the initiative of John H. Winn.

le Blackjack

Blackjack, for its part, is a casino game very popular with the Europeans. It is one of the greatest competitors of slot machines and poker. His name is due to a bonus attributed to the states to players with a hand consisting of an AS and a black valet. The English translation of black valet is indeed Black Jack. Although this bonus is no longer offered by almost all the casinos of the world, the name has been preserved.

This casino game is also called twenty-one, a name sufficient to understand the principle. Indeed, the goal, with blackjack, is indeed to be as close as possible to the value twenty-one while avoiding over. The dealer takes care, at the request of the player, the drawing of the cards that pins before him. He will do the same for him. The winner between the two will be the one who answers the aforementioned principle.

Miguel de Cervantes, the author of the famous "Don Quichote", is the first who wrote on a game related to the Blackjack known as Ventiana. In his book rinconte y cortadillo "indeed, there is a story of a couple who owes his financial success to the cheats at this game in Seville and in several Andalusian communities. Because the writing of the history dates from the beginning of the 17th century, many experts agree that the ancestor of blackjack should have seen the day in the second half of the previous century.


This is the most recommended casino game in neophytes, because of its simplicity and the greatest chance of winning a jackpot. The roulette displays 37 digits, including a zero, if it is Australian or English. On the American roulette, on the other hand, there are 38, including a zero and a double-zero.

Go, simply join a table offering the game and bet against the house on one or more numbers or colors. The table is thus made up of a space of betting and a tray with numbered boxes disposed in a wooden bowl. The dealer ships the cylinder before starting a ball in the bowl to determine the color or the winning number.

If the roulette as we know today dates from the early nineteenth century and was created in the US, many sources suggest that related games have already existed several centuries before. The Romans have already recorded numbers and symbols on their tank wheels before turning them to allow a lucky participant to win at a similar game. However, the format closest to the one currently proposed was created in Australia in 1657, under the impulse of the philosopher and mathematician Blaise Pascal.

Slot machines

In terms of popularity, slot machines are away in front of other casino games. With them indeed, there is not really need to calculate to play. Players will only slip pieces in a physical machine or bet his electronic money in a virtual machine. The machine will display, after being operated via a crank or button, combinations that can, according to their luck, be winning or not.

Compared to other casinos games, slot machines have a more recent origin. We owe the creation of their first prototype to the American inventor Charles Frey. Thanks to the simplicity of its mechanism, the new machine has attracted the covetousness of many casinos that have adopted it until 1920, when the prohibition of alcohol and silver games has begun to gain in scale. . It will still be used as a candy distributor. The fruit symbols found on many current slot machines date from that time.

The Games resumed their right at the end of the prohibition and the mechanical slot machine found its popularity from the early twentieth century. It will still be gradually put in the shade by Bally 's electromechanical machines from the 60s. Its appeal has further reduced more and more after the advent of video slot machines in the 80s, Then virtual slot machines two decades later.

What du poker

Poker is the casino game that has the largest number of variants. It is still possible to leave some common features. Whatever the poker variant, the game takes place with 52 cards and leaves no room for jokets, like other card games. Each player will seek to get the best possible combination of five cards with his hand to raise all the bets of each round. Depending on the variants, the number of players can join a table usually varies between two and ten. The presence of a Dealer is unavoidable for the distribution of cards, but also to define which player will play first. It is, in principle, of the one who is on his left. The direction of the needles of a watch will have, subsequently, to be followed for the course of the "lyrics".

Due to its popularity, many countries claim poker filiation. However, it is to recognize that its current format and democratization are due to the Americans. Jonathan H. Green evokes in his book An Exposure of the Arts and Miseries of Gambling The attractiveness of the premises and tourists for the parts organized on the blades of the Mississippi. This is where the traditional pack of 52 cards appears.

Note, however, that even the Americans give that their ancestors have been inspired by the Australian SC, the first game that has, moreover, used the 4 colors. The time could be, in turn, the emanation of the Indian Ganjifa, from the Persian As Nas, or even the German pochpiel.

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