Know the rules of the battle to appreciate the game

The advantage of card games, in general, is that there are for all tastes. Some parts are simpler than others and especially they can all be lucrative. In the category of simple card games, there is battle or, today, more commonly called Casino War. It is a particularly popular practice, both in hard facilities and on online casinos. In order to appreciate every aspect, you have to understand the game. In addition, know that according to the frame in which you practice it, it can become very lucrative.

The origins of the simplest and most fun card game

All games have a particular origin and the battle does not derogate from this rule. If you really want to understand the practice, you must observe it since its inception. According to the legends, the battle would have as an instigator the very big king Arthur. The latter would have created it to please his wife, Guenièvre, who just wanted to play cards. Thus, using Merlin, he created a game whose rules were simple. However, it had to turn around the war theme for its soldiers too to find an interest. It is only in the 70s that the game appeared in the casinos. At that time, a Nevada casinotier would have observed the game and decided to make a profitable casino game. In the American casinos, the battle then became the War Casino, and spread everywhere else.

The rules of the classic battle

The battle parts have very simple rules. Already, it's a game that is played with a hoof of 52 cards. The only thing really remember is the value of each card. The distribution is exactly the same as in a number of card games. Thus, in descending order you have As, the king, the lady and the valet at the top of the list. Follow the classic cards keeping their numerical values. In other words, in order it is 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 and the least important card the 2. At the battle, in its original form, the 52 cards are distributed among the two players. One by one, the cards are confronted and it is the superior hand that wins it. In case there is equality, each player comes out a hidden side card and a second visible face. Once again, the most valuable card determines the winner.

The rules of the battle in casinos

In general, the rules of the battle are included in casinos. The difference lies in the presence of bets and playing against a croupier. So, to start a game, you must, as a player, place a bet. Following this, the dealer distributes a hidden side card and attracts it. Once each party served, the cards are confronted and the most powerful prevail. If you win, you get your bet, a gain of the same value. If you lose, your bet is kept by the house. If there is equality, you have 2 options: either you give up or you commit yourself in a battle. In the first case, you retrieve half of your bet, in the other you have to pay an additional amount. The dealer burns 3 cards and distributes a card then attracts one. As usual, the most powerful prevails.

Strategies for playing the battle correctly

The battle, even if it's a cards game, goes out in the category of games of chance. Some players think there is no possible strategy. However, when there is lucrative games, you can always improve your way of playing for more winnings. With this in mind, here are some tips. As explained above, you can bring spice to the game by adding tabies. In addition, if this proves to be paid, you will leave with a coquette sum. Also remember that any game, the casinos always have a home advantage. Make sure to choose the one that benefits you the most. In addition, at the battle, in particular, the home advantage is often quite low, except in case of equality. Obviously, since it is a game on which you do not have real grip, always stay prudent. In any case, you have a few chance to win everything or lose.

The key benefits of the game of the battle

In the casinos, you will find a myriad of games. Sometimes difficult to choose from all these possibilities. If you are wondering why prefer the battle, or Casino War, to another game, the reasons are clear. The rules of the game are childish simplicity. To understand and put them into practice, you will need very little time. This is a game at the reach of all, even the most novices. For experienced players, small peppers brought by optional bets are virtually addictive. These risk jacks can motivate more than one. Depending on how you play, the gains you will withdraw from this game are not negligible. Finally, know that since it is a game to one against one, it ensures more thrills.

Why play the battle online?

The battle is practiced perfectly in casinos. This applies for it to a hard casino or a virtual. However, it must be admitted that this second option has more interest. Besides, it is valid for all casino games and not just for the battle. Mainly, you will not have to move to enjoy a good part. You can access via the browser of your computers, mobile and tablets with all kinds. Thanks to what, it is possible to play anywhere and anytime. What is both with online casinos is that you will be eligible for some bonuses. Thanks to these, you will start your games with a boosted account. Finally, there is also free versions of the game online. If you want to make your hand without ruining yourself, that's what is better.

On which online casinos playing the battle?

From now on, you know it now, play online is a much more interesting option. However, so that it really has the case, you must make sure to fall on the right platforms. It should be understood that all virtual casinos are not always worth. With this in mind, to find a good casino, you can start by informing you about those who interest you. For this, you have at your disposal the online journals that present the perfect sites to play the battle. You can also identify the sites offering the most interesting and usable bonuses at Casino War. The other criterion to be taken into account is the quality of the casino's Ludothèque. Prefer the one that offers you the maximum diversity in terms of game. If possible, opt for a live version where the croupiers are filmed in real time.

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