Roulette Strategies to help you win

By definition, roulette is basically a game of chance. The chance plays for a lot in getting Super Cagsottes; However, it's not just this factor. Certainly, there are no strategies that allow you to directly affect the course of a game. However, what is possible is to use methods to achieve your goals. Roulette is considered the queen of casino games because it's a real wheel of fortune. In this article, find out how to really enjoy it.

Reminder of the basics of roulette

Before discovering strategies, you have to start with understanding the basic rules. At roulette, there is, on one side, the cylinder with its numbered boxes and the white ball. On the other, you have the table, or the betting mat presenting all possible combinations of result. As a player, you will have tokens you can place on the combinations or number of your choice. Faced with you will be held the dealer responsible for launching the game and distribute the gains or recover the losses. Your goal is simple, try to guess in which box the ball will stop. You can bet on colors, peer or odd numbers or on pass and lacks. You can also bet on individual numbers or numbers.

What is a roulette strategy?

To observe the rules of roulette, it can seem impossible to talk about strategies. However, what to understand is that it is question of techniques improving the chances of winning. These are often based on mathematical principles, but are not necessarily infallible. The seasoned players often call it and that's what makes their roulette part so exciting. Of course, the choice of technology depends a lot on everyone's play style. What is certain is that there is always a certain logical continuation in the actions. There are aggressive and risky techniques, but who can report wholesale. Then, there are others who are much safer and conservative to raise regular small sums. You will find then lower the best known of them.

Martingale Roulette Strategy

The Martingale is one of the oldest roulette strategies. The principle is simple, whenever you lose you must double your bet. When you win, you will get your bets and become an interest. Here is the principle. In the first round, you bet 10 € on the red color, for example. It does not happen, you lose. In the second round, you do the same bet, but with a bet of 20 €. It does not matter if you still lose. With luck, in the third round you bet 40 €, always on the red and you win. There you with a gain of 40 € the return of your 40 € laid, which makes a total of 80 €. Not only do you recover the 70 € placed, in all, but in addition you earn additional 10 €.

Roulette strategy Labouchère

If you prefer more structured techniques, there is the Labouchère method. It consists of gaining more than you lose. This technique is somewhat complicated, but his mastery comes with practice. To do this, you must determine how much you want to win. Before playing, you must divide this value into a sequence of small sums. By strength, you will end up accumulating gains and achieving the goal. Go, you will need to add the values to the extreme left and right of your sequence. This will determine the value of setting up each turn. If you win, you go to the next row. If you lose, add the amount of the lost bet on the extreme right of your sequence and resume the practice.

Andrucci Roulette Strategy

According to some theories all the numbers of a roulette will eventually appear the same number of times in an infinite time. That's what Andrucci's method is based. In order to enjoy it, however, it is necessary to know how to observe and recognize these numbers that often come back. It is a technique that addresses mostly the most seasoned and active players. Depending on these, some numbers may appear up to 8 times in 35 turns. This is a method that rests more on the chance than on Mathematics. To have the results, there is only an effective way, spending time observing. This more risky technique, than the first two. Reversal reports can, however, be big since you will realize a bet on a full number.

Alembert Roulette Strategy

Alembert's strategy is similar to the Martingale. Indeed, both are based on the theory of progression. The essential difference is that Alembert is not as aggressive. The principle is simple, and if you want to apply it, here's how to do. You start by placing a determined bet. As long as you win, you will have to continue betting each time the same amount. In case of loss, you will need to add an extra room and continue to do so until you win again. For example, if you bet 5 € and you win, continue to bet 5 €. As soon as you lose, start betting 6 € until you win before storing € 5. Here you do not risk losing big, but you have little chance to win wholesale too.

Fibonacci Roulette Strategy

By dint of practicing roulette, you will end up discovering more and more studied strategies. If you do, so, part of the more or less experienced players, the Fibonacci strategy is for you. It is a technique, however, simple to learn and easy to memorize. It is a system based on the sequences, like that of Labouchère. However, here, each number is the sum of the previous two digits and each digit represents a bet unit. If you start by betting 5 €, your sequence will be 5 €, 5 €, 10 €, 15 €, 25 €, 40 €, ... so on. Even if you lose to some towers, the sequence ensures you a return on investment. Buy big may not be possible, but at least you will not lose everything. You bet 5 €, you lose them, you put 5 € and you recover everything, without interest.

Roulette Paroli Strategy

Here again, there is a strategy based on a progression of bets, but this time, more positive. Parole is suitable for both novices and experienced players. The reason is that the system is simple, easy to understand and can be very advantageous. Of course, there are risks, but the level of these depends essentially on the size of your bets. For this, you will only have to double your bets every time you will gain a bet. In this system, the operation must be renewed until you obtain three consecutive victories. Rewards can be particularly interesting provided you dare to bet big from the start. Whatever the strategy for which you opt, luck and chance will always take into account. However, you will have a better game and will better appreciate the roulette.

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