Roulette rules: everything you need to know to play well

If roulette is a game so appreciated, it is especially because it is a real wheel of fortune. With simple rules and easy operation to understand, it attracts various player profiles. What seduces, however, really these is the possibility of winning important cards. Roulette is, by definition, a game of chance. However, if rules governing it exist, it is because it is possible to direct the way of playing. This makes it possible to improve chances while ensuring fun. For thus, better play it, find in this article all that must be known from the practice, since its rules of bases to the most subtle notions.

Basic rules to roulette

At first glance, be aware that there are several varieties of casters. However, the basic rules remain relatively the same for each version. In this game, you have some constituent elements, including the cylinder, ball and carpet. This is played with a croupier, charged with distributing the chips, start the game and announce the winners. Of course, it also distributes gains.

Go, you must try to guess on which number the ball will stop. Depending on the version, a cylinder can count 37 to 38 numbered boxes. There are those whose numbers are between 1 and 36. The colors of these are successively red and black. Then there is the green box (s) representing a single zero (0) and a double zero (00). The presence or absence of this last issue is the main difference between a European roulette and an American. You should know that these two versions are the most classic.

How is a roulette part?

At roulette, you will have the opportunity to bet on an individual number or number group. However, the more risk you will, the higher the reversal report. To start, the croupier exchanges your money against chips. After you took place at the table, it will announce "Make your games". At this moment, you are invited to place your chips on the numbers. Once all the bets placed, the dealer exclaims "nothing is going". Therefore, no player will have the right to arrange his bets. The cylinder is then turned in one direction while the ball is launched in the opposite direction. As soon as the latter stops, the croupier publicly announces the winning number. Those who have made good bets win gains according to their betting options. The house, for its part, receives the bets of those who have lost.

The variants of the roulette

The most famous variants of roulette are the European and American versions. Their difference is essentially in the number of numbered boxes. In the American version, there is a double zero (00) in addition that increases the interests of casinoters. Indeed, the house benefit in the European version is 2.7%, while it is 5.26% for the American. For players, that means that if you want to win roulette, you will have much luck on that European. Know that you can also find in your favorite casinos other variants of the game. This is for example the case of Australian roulette. There are also more simplistic versions of the game like English roulette. For those looking for strong sensations, there is the progressive version. Finally, those who have a weak pronounced for challenges, Mexican roulette is what they need.


On roulette, whatever the version played, there is a multitude of possible bets. However, in general, you mainly have two major bet options. You can, on one side, make interior bets. This means that you bet either on a specific number or set of specific numbers. The probabilities of occurrence are, in this case, quite thin, but important gains can wait for you. On the other side, you can make external bets. In this case, you bet on the color, lacks and passes or even peer and odd. You will understand it, you will have much more luck to fall right. On the other hand, you will have less significant gains. It should also be known that roulette, there is always a minimal and maximum bet. You should be informed before even joining a table and exchanging your chips. This is worth you play online or in a terrestrial casino.

Some strategies to play roulette better

It should be understood that if some forums talk about roulette strategies, they do not provide gains. These are just ways to put more luck on your side or not to lose too much. Already, if you play online, one of the tips is to make sure the casino has what it takes. Among other things, a generator of random numbers and a good return rate. For this, you can refer to the online journals presenting the details of each casino. Then, whether in a real or virtual institution, still hold a pre-established budget. No need to take unqualified risks if you have a short credit. For example, you will be able to make repeated interiors of minimal value. For seasoned players, there are other more structured strategies like the Martingale or the Alembert system. There are also the methods Labouchere, Fibonacci or Paroli.

Benefits related to roulette online

As already mentioned above, you can perfectly play online roulette. As long as you fall on a reliable platform, you can even benefit from it. Already, there is only online that it is possible to play free roulette parts. In these so-called demo versions, the bets and gains are fictitious. This can then serve as a training to better understand the subtleties of the game without having to spend the slightest penny. Online too, guests can enjoy various bonuses. How to miss the opportunity to play without spending, while having the opportunity to make real money? This is an option that will never be offered to you in real casinos. For those who fear losing all the interest of table games by going online, you could not have harder. Indeed, even in virtual casinos, you can play live with a croupier filmed in real time.

Some interesting notions to know about Roulette rules

To perfect your roulette experience, here are some notions to remember. If you really want to gain this game, the solution is to diversify strategies. By alternating the tips that have been presented above, you will significantly increase your chances. At roulette, the numbers on the cylinder are arranged so that the ball can become randomly immobilized. Indeed, if you observe well, the numbers are not arranged successively. If you play a roulette with a single zero (0) you are run less risks. Even if the ball falls on it, you do not waste half of your bets. This is not the case with the double zero version (00). There, all players lose all of their bets if the ball has the misfortune to settle there. So, it's up to you to determine if you want to play safety or prefer adventure.

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