European roulette, game of chance par excellence

For great players, casino games like blackjack or poker are the most interesting. However, they require a certain level of intelligence. For those who seek easy money or simply fun, pure games chance like roulette are better. This is available under various variants for the great pleasure of players.

What is European roulette exactly?

It was in the 1700s that the roulette appeared. At the time, the wheel contained a single zero and two double zeros. It should be known that this provision offers casinos a considerable advantage. Thanks to this, their "House Edge" is about 5.26%. At one point, the Australian decided to eliminate the double zero to keep one. Thus, the advantage then went down to 2.70%. This second provision gives players a higher rating and therefore better chances to win. Since then, it is the norm that has been kept everywhere in Europe. This is obviously worth so much for land casinos and online casinos.

Free Games Royal Casino Roulette Online

A second variant of this game that you will probably appreciate is the royal wheel. That's basically the same principle as all other roulette versions, but with a progressive jackpot. Basically, with a normal bet and a lot of chances, this game can allow you to win the jackpot. However, there exists Versions of free roulette without download, or demo, of this one. At this time, you will not have to bet the slightest centime, but the jackpots will obviously be fictitious. It will serve you primarily before considering actually playing or will essentially allow you to have fun.

Casino Australian games free casino the most famous

On various online casinos, several types of casters are offered to players. For example on Cresus Casino you can easily find all the panoply of roulette games like:

These are the most famous versions on online casinos, but there are other interesting variants. There may be more than one fifteen virtual roulette games on each casino. There is even possible to play versions with croupiers.

What is the Australian roulette?

At the Australian roulette version, there is no limit in terms of number of participants. Players must all use the same type of tokens on the same value. The Australian Roulette is played with a dealer announcing the beginning of the game and the winning number and who redistributes the gains. Even in the online version, it is possible to play it. Indeed, some platforms propose to film the live croupiers. Once the bets are placed and that they announce that "nothing goes anymore", the game is launched.

Another variant, the English roulette

There are only a few details that differentiate an English roulette from a Australian roulette. Among other things, the level of bet and the different layout of the game mat. In the Australian version the pair / odd, lack / pass are on both side of the carpet. On the other side, in the English version, these are only available on the left side of the carpet. In addition, the English variant does not admit more than 7 players while, as said above, the Australian roulette admits an unlimited number of players. The English roulette is considered by many to be the simplest variant to understand.

The advent of free electronic roulette

Online casinos offer games in live mode with croupiers, but there is also another version. Free online electronic roulette Works with an automated cylinder. With this in mind, many tend to believe that she is rigged. However, it is nothing! Any electronic roulette randomly determines the intensity of the breath helping to launch the ball. For those who want to discover the game and check this theory, there is no better than free versions. On this one, no bet is required, it's like the demo version of all other casino games.

The best roulette casinos online

According to several user reviews, the top 1 online roulette casinos is Cresus casino. He has the reputation, in addition to the dozen roulette games he proposes, to be one of the most reliable. For those who make real money, here is a good paying casino. Then there is Lucky8 which offers a choice of very developed roulette games. Finally, in the field of roulette live, there is no better than the Fatboss casino. This one is made for all those who are uncomfortable only if you have a dealer in front of them.

Advantage of virtual roulette

Like any other online casino game, virtual roulette is a great way to make gains. In addition, you can play it without moving. You can do it on any media and at any time. Roulette, whatever its version, is one of the easiest games when it offers considerable gains. The peculiarity of roulette is that it is the only game of chance to play simultaneously in various casinos. The practice is perfectly legal. Finally, roulette also allows you to enjoy interesting bonuses as well as a better way to control its bets.

Why first try the demo roulette?

With all the interests that a game of roulette offers, you would be tempted to play the jackpot from the start. However, at all games of chance, you should never rush. As said above, there are various variants of the roulette. If only in this perspective, it is good to determine the one that suits your style. The demos versions are versions where there is no real bet or cashable gains. No risk for you to lose money unnecessarily. By going on the demos versions, you give yourself the chance to discover the subtleties of each type of roulette.

What to remember cassette casinos online

In short, you have to understand that casinos games are very interesting games. Whether you are novice or confirmed, it's the game of chance to try first. There are various variations, which generally have the same rules of play. Only a few subtle details make the difference. To better control everything, however, it is good to get started for your first games on free versions / online demos. This will allow you to visit the entire Ludothèque without risk. Finally, if you want to start in the online cassetics world, opt for those who have the best notorieties.

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