What is an American roulette?

If only in relation to its name, American roulette is one of the most popular table games in the United States. Not a single casino of Las Vegas goes away. However, the fame of this game does not stop there, because until Asia and the United Kingdom, the game is particularly appreciated. The Australian players have, for their part, a more pronounced preference for the European version. Both have almost identical rules with a few details. American roulette is a game that can play both in real casinos as virtual casinos. If you do not know it yet, find all you need to know about this particular game.

Some basic notions good to remember around the American roulette

Historically, it would be the Australian fleeing the Australian revolution in the eighteenth century that brought roulette to the United States. These landed in New Orleans, at this time, the capital of the continent's game. However, the rules of this game were not pleased directly to the American casinoters who transformed it. Which gave birth to American roulette, today still very popular with some players. The additional box of this game which is double zero (00) also makes its particularity. You should also know that the American roulette you are not required to bet only on a unique number. Indeed, you can place your bets on groups of numbers. Finally, what is less successful is that it has a much more important home advantage. This amounts to 5.26% against only 2.70% for its European counterpart.

Rules of American roulette

What is good with American roulette is that the rules of the game are relatively simple. Indeed, the goal is simply to guess on which box numbered the ball will stop. If you make the right choice, you will touch a gain. This is calculated according to the type of betting bet and the value of your initial bet. For example, as said above, you can bet on groups of numbers. This allows you to get more chance to make the right prognosis, but it also divides your winnings. Whether you go into a real or virtual casino, know that each of them has their own limit of bet. Note that at this game, there is, however, no limit of participants. This can make the part particularly lively and contributes to its success. The provisions of the American roulette make the gains more difficult, but it adds spice to the game.

Unfolding a part of American roulette

Before you start playing, know that only American roulette, you will have tokens. These have different colors of what usually meets. Then, it's a game that is played with a dealer responsible for announcing the beginning of a game, the winning number and pay the gains. It is also he who launches the ball and turns the cylinder representing the numbered boxes. Once the tokens distributed, each player places his bet. As soon as the croupier announces "nothing goes more" no player is allowed to arrange his bet. The cylinder is launched in one direction and the ball in the other. Once the latter is immobilized, the dealer publicly announces the winning number. Those who have made a good prognosis earn a payback. Conversely, those who have made bad bets lose them for the benefit of the house. As soon as the reversals are done, a new handle can begin.

The boxes with American roulette

At the American roulette, you will be able to count 38 boxes on the cylinder. Among these, you will find 36 boxes numbered from 1 to 36 alternately colored in red and black. There is also a single zero box (0) and one double zero (00). These last two are colorful in green. If you observe well, at this game, the numbers are not placed successively in the cylinder. This arrangement ensures that the ball has a probability of immobilizing in any box. However, the very noticed presence of double zero has a direct influence on the game. On a part, if the ball has the misfortune to stop on this particular issue, all players lose. In other words, all the tables will come back to the house. It is this risky side of the game that can please, or on the contrary, displease the participants.

US roulette

On any casino game, the value of bets is crucial. At American roulette, there is a whole panel. In general, however, these bets can be categorized into two groups. There are internal bets and those external to American roulette. In the first category, you will find bets carried out on individual numbers or small groups of adjacent numbers. It should be known that these have high reversals ranging from 5 to 35 against 1. However, with respect to the probabilities of occurrence, they are only 2 to 15%. In other words, the chances that happens that happens are reduced. On the other hand, external bets bring up the larger bets on larger numbers. We are talking here about placement on columns, dozens, peer or odd numbers ... The reversals are less important (between 1 and 2 against 1), but the probabilities of higher occurrence (between 31 and 47%).

Comparison between American and European roulette

Can not talk about American roulette without comparing it to the European version. The main difference lies in the number of boxes. If in the American version you find 38, the European one counts only 37. This is due to the existence of the double zero. Moreover in the single zero, players lose only half of their bet. As already mentioned at the beginning, in terms of home advantage, American casinoters earn more. Basically, the probabilities of victory will be more increased if you try to the European roulette. On the side of the bets, a crucial difference is also recognized as you have more options on the European side. The choice of game depends on your profile as a player and your preferences. Anyway, each version has its own advantages and disadvantages. For those who play online, live versions are available in the best virtual casinos.

Strategy to be adopted to play the American roulette

At casino games, there are still game strategies that can be adopted. Of course, none of these allows you to directly affect the game. What they give you it is the possibility of improving your chances of winning. At the limit, it helps you not lose big. Among the most famous strategies, you will find online training. Indeed, you can try to make your hand by multiplying the practices. To avoid investing a lot in the process, some online casinos offer games in demo mode. Everything is free and it allows you to familiarize yourself with the game. There is also the strategy to define your play capital. Always make it in line with your financial situation. If you have a short credit, avoid too risky. In any case, you will never know the true sensation if you do not try to the game.

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