What is a machine poker?

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Meta-description : After the slot machine, poker is one of the most common games in casinos. As a result, when a mixture of both is the day, it's the insured success. Find in this article all you need to know about machine poker.

Casino Australian games are predominantly games of chance. However, during the practice of some of them, it is possible to use some strategies. In the most popular games category of players, you can find poker machine or video poker. The latter represents a very well studied mix between the classic slot machine and poker. Go it, you have to be a certain reflection before making a decision. What is, however, very nice with this game is that the rules are simple, the assured fun and interesting gains. In this article, you will find everything you need to know about it.

Unfolding a machine poker

Know that the machine poker, commonly known as video poker, is none other poker made on a slot machine. You can find it in both real and virtual casinos from your computer or mobile. Go, the rules are very simple. In either case, you will need to start. From then on, the machine gives you cards quite randomly. You have to know that this is played with a game of 52 cards. You're looking at your hand and can choose between keeping or part of it. If this second case is suitable for you, the cards you have got rid of will be directly replaced by the machine. After that, your hand and that of the machine will be confronted. You guessed it, it is the one that has a higher value that wins the game. What differentiates it from classic poker is that it is a solitary game, so less dangerous.

Hand value with machine poker

As in any card game, machine poker, each hand has a specific value.

  • You have a pair when you have 2 cards of the same value.
  • Two pairs count twice 2 identical value cards.
  • A brelald translates 3 cards of the same value.
  • One quint represents 5 cards that follow numerically.
  • You have a flush or color if your cards are of the same colors.
  • There is Full if you have 3 cards of the same value 2 other identical value.
  • The square represents 4 cards of identical value.
  • The quinte flush designates 5 cards of the same color and which succeed one another numerically.
  • Finally, a royal flush is a succession of 10, valet, lady and king of the same color.

For seasoned players, you will understand it, these are the same combinations as traditional poker. As soon as you remember the value of these hands, it will be easy for you to play and win.

Some tips for playing poker machine

In general, the machine poker is considered as a game of chance. However, here it's not just lucky luck. Some tips can help you improve your game. You will not influence directly on the course of a game, but significantly increase your chances of winning. Already, be aware that this type of game is available online in demo mode. If you want to learn to master the rules and subtleties of the game, it is the best solution. If you play in real casinos or in real online mode, also consider checking the payment of the machines. Prefer those with high redistribution rates and have a random numbers generator. On the side of the bets, to avoid losing a lot of a blow, remember to place them gradually. Finally, if possible, play progressive jackpot machines, you will receive more benefits in case of gain.

The rule of the exit or double poker machine

At machine poker, there are interesting options like the rule of the Leaving or Double, also called "Banco". You can activate it every time you make a gain. This makes the game more confolising for those who have the taste of risk. Indeed, it is an option that consists of doubling your earnings. To do this, you only have to press the "Double" button. Indeed, when you win, two possibilities are offered. Either you cash your winnings, either you put them together to try to earn more. From then on, 5 cards, one of which is presented to you, appear on the screen. You must choose one of the 4 other cards, remaining hidden faces. If it turns out more powerful than the map initially returned, you earn the double. Otherwise, you lose all of your winnings.

Poker machine and its variants

Know that generally, there is no one version of machine poker. If there are several variants on the market, it is because everyone has its own specificities. Already, visual and sound level, everything depends on the developer who is at the origin of the game. This is done in order to satisfy all the possible players profiles. What suits you may not be suitable for others, and vice versa. There are also more traditional and other versions of the game, very modern, even see luxury versions. With this in mind, the value of the gains may be different from one machine to another. In addition, know that some machine pokers add rather particular rules to those of the basic. On some for example, the Joker or 2 can replace each game card. Finally, as already mentioned, there are progressive jackpot machines and redistribution rates are often different.

The best poker machines machine

You understand it, it can exist as many machine poker titles as players profiles. However, trends reveal that securities are much more appreciated than others. You can find these in your favorite virtual casinos. In particular, there are Deuces Wild who is a Betsoft machine poker. This is a multi-hand version of video poker, that is, you can choose to play 5 to 100 hands per game. Then there are Jacks Gold Better, made in 2018 by Red Rake Gaming. If you are a beginner, the very simple rules of this variant will allow you to start in the best conditions. You can also choose to play All American Poker of Habanero. This one has the reputation of offering particularly interesting remuneration with a return rate of 99.38%. These are obviously not the only titles available, but they are the most interesting. To discover more, go online.

Poker machine and online game

Poker machine, or video poker, has more success online than in real casinos. The reason is simple, there is only in virtual casinos that you will find this game in demo mode. As said above, you will not need to bet the slightest penny, you will only have to have fun. Obviously, if the bets are fictitious, the gains will be equally. Similarly, in Online casinos, guests can enjoy promotional bonuses and offers. On the other hand, it will be easier for you to find all the variants of the game when you play online. No need to move from home to enjoy a good part and get a few more. Moreover, some versions, such as the Orient's Double Up Gold Better Jacks, take advantage of HTML5 technology. These are accessible through all your mobile devices and tablets.

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