Poker 3 cards: a little known game, but very interesting

The 3 cards poker game may not be the most popular casino games. However, this is one of the most interesting and simple to play. It is enough to know the basic principles to play it. No need for special skills, but notions of Texas Hold'em can be a bonus. It is a game that can be practiced in both real casinos than on those virtual. This variant of poker was born in the 90s. Today is a well-known game, especially the most seasoned players. If you want to be part of these, here's all you need to know about SUJ

General goal of 3 cards poker

Poker 3 cards is part of these games where you have to play a croupier. The latter represents, as usual, the bank and you must try to win against him. To do this, you have to have a top game thanks to the best possible combination. Hands can only consist of 3 cards, this game is a simplified version of poker. It is played with a set of 52 cards whose values are identical to those in Texas Hold'em. In other words, in descending order, you first rank the AS who is the Supreme Card. Then follow the classics king, lady and valets. As for the rest of the cards, they retain their numerical value. Here, the strongest hand consists of an as, king and a lady of the same color. This represents the Tierce Fush Royal, but be aware that the possible combinations are numerous.

Value of 3 cards poker combinations

Poker 3 cards, you will find the following combinations:

  • The first is the Tierce Fush Royal with his As, King and Assorted Lady.
  • Then there is the third flush that consists of assorted and connected cards (example: 7, 8 and 9 of the tile).
  • There is also the bralan and its combination of maps of the same value. Example: 3 cards of 4, of 5, of 6 ...
  • In fourth position, you have the quinte and its connected and not assorted cards. This is the case if you have, for example a 3, 4 and 5.
  • To make a flush or color, you must have maps of the same color, but not connected. Example: a 4, 6 and 8 of tile.
  • Finally, you have a "pair" hand (6, 8 and 6) or "no pair" (such as 5, 7 and 9). In the latter, the weakest, the cards are neither connected nor assorted.

How is a 3 cards poker portion?

The course of a poker portion 3 cards is of great simplicity. You just have to memorize the possible combinations to direct your game. To start the game, each player must place a start on the table. Continued only to this the dealer will distribute each three cards face hidden. The dealer does hold it. The players consult their hand before pronouncing. From there, they have the choice between bed, place a bet equal to the initial or raise the stakes. Once the decisions are taken, each deposits his cards face down and the dealer does the count of points. In the end, it is the one with the strongest hand that wins the game. You quickly understood it, the rules of the game are particularly easy to remember. Obviously, there are still some subtleties that you will really be able to control by multiplying practices.

Poker Payments and Payment 3 Cards

Poker 3 cards, 2 choices are available to you when you make your original bet. You can make a "bet" and / or a "Pair Plus" bet. The advantage of the latter is that it is a separate and winning bet. In other words, as soon as you have a pair you will be paid. In this case, you gain once the value of your bet. Specifically, if you bet 10 €, you will win the same, for a total of 20 €. If you have a color (flush) is 3 times; For a third party it's 6 times, and a bren 30 times. Finally, if you have the chance to have a third flush, it's the Jackpot with 40 times the initial bet. This is worth, whatever the value of the dealer's hand. Then, as said above, you can go to the second level of bet that is the "stimulus".

3 cards poker game strategy

What is good in poker games in general is that it is possible to use strategies. Obviously, these do not insure your victory, but greatly increase your chances. Similarly, there are techniques that allow you not to lose big in the game. So, if you want more luck to win, it is advisable to give up when your hand is too weak. This is the case, if it is less than lady - 6 - 4. In the opposite direction, if you have at least one pair of 6, do not hesitate to revive. You can even consider overbidding your initial bet. In any case, however, always make sure you have the necessary budget. Make your games and adapt your tactics to your financial resources. In the case of short balance, avoid unnecessary risks. Remember that you will not be able to master all these notions from the first try, you will learn over time.

Some additional concepts to know Poker 3 cards

Poker 3 cards, there are, in addition to the classic payments mentioned above, bonuses on initial bet. It only passes on three hands obtained by the player. With this in mind, if you have a third party you will be paid once on your initial bet. In case of BRELAN, it will be 4 times. And finally, with a third flush it is a payment up to 5 times. Cested bonuses on initial Paris are always paid, whatever the result of the dealer. You will have understood it, in this game, the gains are easy and very accessible, which makes it particularly interesting. As with the majority of cards games with croupier, here, the latter has always more chance to win. The probability that it wins is estimated at 2/3. It should also be known that the initial bet is also called, in the jargon of casinos, "ante".

Why play poker 3 cards online?

Like all other casino games, 3 cards poker is available online. The difference is that you will not be able to play against other users. The game is done directly between you and the dealer, or machine, which makes the game much more intense. Know that it is possible to find, even online, versions of the game live with live croupiers live. On some casinos, 3 cards poker can be free. This will allow you among other things to make your hand before making real bets. In addition, no need to move to take advantage of it, you can access via your computers and mobiles. At any time, and anywhere, you can enjoy it. With virtual casinos, you will benefit in addition to welcome bonuses and promotions allowing you to extend the experience.

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