Know everything about roulette players

Roulette is among the most popular casinos and interests varied profiles of players. Indeed, if some do not adonize it for fun, others play rather to win a jackpot. Especially, however, are aware of different degrees, the importance of books and videos to get victory. Who are the roulette players and what are the books and videos they bring the most attention? Discover all the details below.

Roulette player: Type profiles

As a result of simplicity of its rules, roulette attracts a large number of players from all walks of life and each one to act and react on the tables. To allow you to find yourself among them, we propose to discover their types-type profiles.


They are music, cinema, small screen and professional sports. Despite their success, some individuals leave themselves more or less regularly carry through roller fever. In the list of stars who play regularly is Vikash Dhorasso, former professional footballer. Tony Parker and its ex-half Eva Longoria also used to bet on one or more numbers or colors in a trendy casino from Las Vegas.

The bettors

For them, we must not only leave the fate of random sleeves to win. They thus draw in their intellectual resources, especially mathematics, to put all the chances on their side. Based on the probability, counting and calculation of the coasts, they constitute the category of players most feared by the casinos. And even if they do not always win every time, some of them have exploited their intellectual capacity thoroughly to succeed in roulette. This is particularly the case by Michel Martin.

The cheaters

Their key quality is really not their intelligence, as is believed in a good part of their defender, but especially their malice and their mouth. They do not concentrate their unhealthy calculation at the game, but go so far as to corrupt employees of a casino to achieve their goal. Sooner or later, however, the house or other players can realize their maneuver. And the consequences are not at all pleasant.

The observers

Their most illustrated representation is called William Nelson Dambrough. Indeed, thanks to a large ability to analyze the rotation of roulette indeed, it had no difficulty in guessing what will be the victorious number. He was even right with the trajectory of the ball, although it is moving.


Most players identify or are identified with this type profile. Epicureans, as their name lets it already know, indulge in the roulette for only "to have a good time". Some of them do not even know, before arriving at the table, how do we play this game. And they do not think at all to stay there for a long time, because also wanting to enjoy other games. Most do not hesitate to bet big, but easily accept the loss.

The occasional

Their name is enough to know these are players who do not frequently come to the casino. Like the epicureans so, they play roulette to just let off steam, but differentiate themselves by the fact that they are reluctant to bet big. Which often pushes them to stay less around the table. A significant part of them are also exclusively online players, not being attracted by the extravagance of the institutions.

The addicts

These are players who do not really feel the player's pleasure at roulette. However, this has become a hard need to get rid. The reason is not the desire to gain in itself, as some people want to believe it, but a tendency to redo, whatever it costs, after each loss. To prevent these players from being fucked more and more, many casinos promote the game responsible by various means like the limitation of bets at each game session.

Roulette player: books that help succeed

To be part of the circle of players who have been able to win a paddle playing roulette, many players are helping via playback. Certainly, there is another fringe that opposes this means, believing that it constitutes a chore, while the goal with this game is above all to find pleasure. Recognize, however, that reading is also an entertaining activity while being a way to increase your culture. However, aware of the increasingly important attraction of players for roulette books, some pseudo-specialists have also been able to write. To avoid you an unnecessary purchase, we will present you the 3 best books on this game.

The first, which was written by Raphael Guillard and released in April 2014, wears the title "Roulette: the essential methods to win". Its author is a great enthusiast of this game and has many successful experiences. By reading his book, you will know about simple and easily understandable techniques putting the chances of your side to "overcome the house". The digital version of the book costs 12 euros and its paper version 20.

The second is "13 against the bank", a work due to Norman Leigh. It is available for sale since 1976 and its purchase requires a budget of 15 to 20 euros as well for its paper version and its digital version. In this book, this casino fierce recounts how its band of "13 gangs of roulette" was able to earn millions of euros in the casino of Nice based on mathematical concepts.

There is, finally, the book "Winning European Roulette", signed Martin Gales. As the name suggests, this book is dedicated to this famous variant of the game. It will help you develop your own winning strategies and improve them over time. The purchase of this book is possible since January 2009 for the price of $ 8.24.

Roulette player: videos are also a great help

Some players really do not have a particular love for books. Experts are aware of it and offer them, on the Internet, movies relating to roulette. The advantage with this way to better learn about this game is that it usually sufficient to have an internet connection to access it. A good part of the videos on the basic rules, the techniques and Winning strategies with roulette are indeed available for free on YouTube or on platforms dedicated to silver games. Note all as well as pay videos, even if they are more marginal, generally have more relevance because coming from experts who have won a lot through this game.

There are also players who owe their discovery and mastery of roulette at the various feature films that are dedicated to it. The best known remains, Lost In America, Run Lola Run, Croupier, California Split, Casablanca and Toy Story 3.

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