How to play and win in Keno?

Who has never dreamed of winning without having to make too much effort? The most daring can always fall back on games of chance, like Keno, would you say. However, know that in the latter, there is no question of luck. There are indeed strategies for playing it. Thanks to these, gains will not necessarily be insured, but your chances of winning will becribed. To be able to apply these strategies, you must already understand and control what Keno is. To help you, find in this article, the essentials to remember on this very interesting game.

The basic principles of Keno

The Keno is first of all a game of chance. It can be played either in a room or online. In both cases, the basic principles remain pretty much the same. You must have a Keno leaf, similar to that of bingo, with registered on up to 80 numbers. You must later choose between one to twenty numbers. At the time of the draw, when your numbers come out, you make gains. The amount of the latter is calculated according to the correspondence. Do not rely on the simplistic aspect of the game. Some seasoned players even ensure that it is the most complex in the category of drawing games. However, gains can be very interesting. For the little story, the game would seem, it seems, Chinese origins between 205 and 187 before Jesus Christ. In Australia, today, we speak mainly of the winning keno for life and the rules have been well modernized since.

The winning keno for life

In the current version of the Keno in Australia, the grid contains only 70 numbers. The draw will always be done on 20 numbers, but your choice will have to be 2 to 10 of them. You should know that the grid has no fixed price. You have the choice between 1 €, 2 €, 3 €, 5 € or 10 €. As with any other game of chance, the more you bet, the higher your gains. This is called "multiplier" option based on the value of your bet. Thus, if you buy a grid at 1 €, your winnings will be simple, with one to 2 € they will be doubled, etc. This can go up to 10 times. The name "Keno winning for life" comes from the fact that the game can make you rich, precisely, for life. With 2 prints a day, every day you can have the opportunity to win up to € 100,000 each year.

How to play Keno?

With the 2 daily prints, it can be difficult to go to the counter each time to validate its game. With this in mind, the Australian Games (FDJ) offers you the opportunity to play online. This can be done from your computers and / or mobile. To enjoy it, you must start by opening an FDJ player account. In a few minutes, you will be able to fill out the registration form with all your details. Conditions, however, are required to play it. You have to be major, have an address in Australia and a bank account in the European Union. Once registered, you will have access to two game options. On one side, you can have a classic grid on which you choose your numbers, from 2 to 10. On the other side, there is the Flash system. where you leave the machine randomly choose your numbers. Once the numbers are chosen and the options of bets made, simply press "Play".

Where to play Keno?

Of course, you can play Keno online from the Site of the FDJ, as said above. However, other online casinos also offer this type of game. Nevertheless, it is necessary to understand that casinos always apply additional costs on Keno's parts. This serves them to make their activities profitable. But the value of these fees may vary considerably from one institution to another. Thus, it is better to find the online casino that makes your most profitable bets. The least gourmet casinos, in addition to the FDJ, are those to prioritize. Unfortunately, it is not always easy to find them even if you search online. It is necessary, indeed, to make important calculations to know the interests taken by the casino that interests you. Here are, however, some addresses where it is possible and interesting to play. There are, among others, CLIC CASINO, DUBLINBET or OrientXpress.

Some tips for winning Keno

Although Keno is basically a game of chance, you can use your intelligence to increase your chances, in addition to The mathematical method. Mainly, always think of choosing casinos with better gains. In Australia, the FDJ has the monopoly of the draws of draw and lottery; However, the gains it assigns are sometimes quite low. Also know that as a general rule, online casinos offer better payments than those real. In this game, the best redistribution rates can reach 95%. As online games are to prioritize, the second trick is to do training. Indeed, it is possible to find free versions of the game on some casinos. Do you hand on them before betting for real and to well master the rules of the game. As you can choose up to 10 or 20 numbers, depending on the game option, consider choosing more than 4. Below your chances will be too weak.

The question of legality around the game Keno

The winners in Keno still wonder if they have to declare their gains. When you play with the FDJ, it is held by the law to report your gains to the tax administration. However, this is really taxed only from a certain amount. It must be understood that it is not quite a statement, but rather protect your gains. To collect the latter, three solutions are available to you. In any case, know that you have 60 days to remove them. If you earn less than 500 €, the payment can be done in the point of sale of your choice. However, it must be approved. If you earn between 500 and 5000 €, payment by bank transfer is solicited. Beyond 5000 € of gain, you will have to go to an FDJ payment center. Indeed, you must identify yourself in order to claim a lifetime place.

The benefits of playing keno online

In Australia, online games have been strongly democratized. Moreover, the Australian games itself, as said before, has its online betting site. This new way of playing, which is spreading more and more, has indeed several real advantages. Already, you can enjoy greater flexibility in setting up. Online casinos, like, never close. Unlike real casinos, in online casinos you can do your games even at the last minute. No need to bet 1 hour before the draw. From a safe point of view, play online is also better. You may no longer lose your game receipt. Any recorded grid is listed in the online casino database in addition to being assigned to you. Finally, the online keno has the advantage of following you everywhere. With a good connection, wherever you are, you can play.

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