How to play craps?

In the casinos world, choices in terms of games can be as varied as your desires. With this in mind, you will find slot machines, wheels, blackjack, poker or craps. That's not all because each of these games has various variants. In this article, it will mainly be question of craps. This particular dice game is most popular in the English-speaking countries where it finds its origins. In Australia, it is a known game, but which is not as popular as others. As a result, the rules may seem fuzzy for many players. It is in this perspective that you will find more interesting information about it.

Brief history of Craps

In terms of casino games, apart from the slot machine, their origins often remain unknown. Even today, the debates are open as to what is the paternity of some. Craps does not derogate from this rule. However, many agree on the fact that his origins would go back to 12th century. It would be knights who, to distract him, would have invented him. At the time, these sat a castle named "Hazarth", which inspired them the idea of the game of "chance". The popularity of the game was very fast in England with the bourgeoisie which made its favorite game. Subsequently, the game arrives in Australia, then in the United States and becomes the game known today. Besides, it's the favorite game of Americans. As for the Australian, it is positioned after the slot machine, but well before blackjack and roulette.

Craps from a general point of view

Craps is a game of dice during which you will be able to bet on the result of one or more throws. It is a game based mainly on the action, and you must bet on the chance of the one who throws the dice. What is particular is that you can join the game when you want. Indeed, the placement of the bets can occur at any time. You will have the chance to observe beforehand how the game takes place. In Craps, there are several types of bets. It is better to know them all. However, with some basic notions, you will already have fun. At the first surroundings, the craps play mats may seem particularly impressive. However, know that this layout, table divided into two, just allows players to bet without going around. This is worth if you play in land casinos. Online, only half of the table appears.

The basic rules of Craps

At Craps, a Player (Ponte, Shooter or Launcher) is responsible for launching the dice. This initial launch is called "comed out roll" and the following "point". The game is done with two dice at 6 sides, and it is at the shooter to put the first bet. Subsequently, all the others can do the same. During this first throw, if the 7th or the 11 come out, the launcher once won. Similarly for all those who bet "Pass". On the contrary, those who bet "Do not pass" lose. If the coming out roll on the 2, 3 or 12 are out, shooter and bettors on "Pass" lose and vice versa. This is called "craps". By pulling 4, 5, 6, 8 or 9 Ponte establishes a point and the second phase of the game begins. The bets stay at stake and he will have to restart his upon.

Craps bets

As said above, if you want to enjoy a good gaming experience, it is necessary to know the bets. In Craps, however, they are very numerous, but here are the most important.

  • The "Pass" consists of betting that the Shooter comes out of 7 or 11. Similarly, if it establishes a point.
  • In contrast, "Do not pass" saves when the player pulls 2, 3 or 12.
  • There is also "Come", an equivalent of the "Pass". This allows retlarging players to bet not on the "come out roll", but the following throws. Similarly, the opposite there is "do not come".
  • There is also the "craps" that consists of betting on 2, 3 or 12 and which marks the end of a game.
  • Subsequently, there are several other bets like Odds, Field, Hop, Big 6, Big 8, Place, Hardways ...

What must be understood in Craps

To win Craps, you have to make good bets and have a home advantage, as low as possible. The interest of experiencing the rules allows you to bet in the right way and not to lose big. Indeed, you will understand it, it will be according to the number that will come out that the game will stop or not. What is particular is that as a player, you will not have to play against opponents. All players bet together against the house. Here, there is really no strategy that allows you to win, it is a game of pure chance. However, it is good to recognize when it is necessary to bet more and when to withdraw. Given the wide variety of possible bets, you will need to play often for masters. However, know that the Paris Pass, Don't Pass, Come and Don't Come said above are the most interesting. The home advantage is only about 1.40% on them.

How to recognize a good online casino where to play craps?

In Australia, in particular, legislation on online gambling as Craps is still very strict. It is, basically, forbidden to play real money on this type of game. Indeed, the risks of remote scam are considered still too high. You can however be able to find perfectly legal casinos offering free craps parts. In other words, no betting or gain, but you can have fun and learn. In other countries, like Canada or Belgium, online casinos allow you to put it full pockets. For the experience, however, positive, prefer the casinos focusing on safety and equity. Also choose a casino that has a rich and quality read library. The more choice you will have, the better. Finally, and not the least, the casinos offering you bonuses remain more interesting.

The interest of playing craps online

As said before, there is only online that you can play in a totally free way. The rules of Craps being somewhat complicated and too varied, you will need time to master. With a demo version, you will not have to lose your money before getting there. Playing online also presents the advantage of not having to leave his house. You can play from the comfort of your room or living room, while enjoying the same benefits. In addition, with the technologies used, online casinos become compatible with everything that is pocket screen. Thanks to this, you can continue to play Craps even when you are traveling. On the sites where betting real money at Craps is allowed, you will be able to win hundreds or even thousands of euros. At Craps everything is betting, but it gives a very disturbing dimension to the game.

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