How to play the slot machine?

Of all possible casino games, the slot machine is by far the most popular players. Today, it is no longer necessary to lower your bike or take the wheel to enjoy. Thanks to technology, not only can you play online, but especially from your computers and / or mobile devices. So, at any time and anywhere, you can continue to play. Slot machines, there are various models thus making it possible to satisfy all the requirements. You will be able, among other things, to play the classic versions with 5 rollers, those in 3D or to progressive jackpot ... Anyway, the fun is at the rendezvous, the rules are simple and the chances of winning are possible.

Brief history of the slot machine

Unlike other casino games, the origin of the slot machine is not confusing. Indeed, its creator is Charles August Fey, a German expatriate living in San Francisco in the 1890s. More specifically, the first slot machine, the "Card Bell", was created by this experience mechanic in 1898. However. It is only the "Liberty Bell" version, which he created a year later, who had a real success. In its infancy, the machine had 3 rollers with 5 symbols appearing around. At the time, the players nicknamed the machine "Bandit Manchot". The single lever did indeed think of an arm. Go, it was necessary first to bet without having the assurance of drawing anything, hence the idea of the bandit. Today, the game has been improved in many ways and the risk of scam are diminished.

Operation of slot machines

It should be known that today, each slot machine has different characteristics. According to the game, there may be various numbers of rollers, rows and gains. Similarly, game and betting options can vary from one machine model to another. As a general rule, a slot or machine can be between 3 to 5 rollers. In very rare cases, like that of Charms and Clovers signed Betsoft, there can be 6 rollers. In terms of rows, number of roller symbols, slot machines can count 3 or sometimes 4. Once your token is inserted, you pull on the lever and the rollers turn on themselves. To win, the symbols are needed for forming predefined lines. The latter are determined according to the specificities specific to each game. Online, the rollers are no longer and the lever has turned into a button, but the principle remains the same.

The symbols to know to play slot machines

On slot machines, several options are available to players allowing them to multiply their gain. Among these, there are among other things the symbols, including the Scatter. When you fall on the latter, you can win free tricks. It is very often easy to recognize, but its form depends essentially on the theme of the game. There is also the Wild symbol which is a joker. It is able to transform the other symbols of the game except those special. Again here you can enjoy different versions of the symbol. Thus, an Extended Wild extends on a whole roller while a random appears at random locations. There is also the stick that remains frozen and the Stacked that brings together several Wild. The additional symbols and options are diverse, making the games more fun and lucrative. However, to know them all, you have to try slot machines.

Some notions to know to play slot machines

In the universe of slot machines, especially Online, there are terms that it is good to know. First know that these games work under themes. You can find slots based on adventures, animals, war or even on fantastic universes ... Depending on this, you can find the slot machine you like most of the thousands of possibilities. Sous machines are often the work of renowned publishers like Betsoft, Play'n Go, clean, Yggdrasil, Nextgen, QuickSpin, etc. It is also necessary to know the Free Spins which are free towers triggered by symbols or winning combinations. On some slot machines, there is also the progressive jackpot. All machines equipped with the latter have a common pot in which one part of each bet will go. In the long run, the jackpot becomes colossal and you can get it if you succeed in having 5 bonus symbols aligned.

Real mode and demo mode to play slot machines

Options differentiate slot machines from a terrestrial casino from virtual ones. Online, it is possible to find slots in demo mode, as The machine has free 88 fortunes. More specifically, it's free slot machines where you can play without having to put. In some cases, it is neither necessary to register or download the game. These are flash versions accessible from any browser and who play instantly. Of course, if you do not bet anything, you will not be able to claim any gain. However, all the interest of this type of game mode lies in fun and training. For those who play in order to win sub, slot machines are also available in real mode. Here you exchange your money against virtual tokens and your winnings are perfectly retractable. Moreover, there are various possible payment methods, such as electronic portfolios or bank transfers.

Popular Slot Machines Online 2023

From year to year, developers are creating creativity to propose new machines to players. This year, among the most famous and the most popular players, you will find Starbust. This slot dealing with an intergalactic theme is the work of clean. It offers 10 payment lines, 3 rows and 5 rollers. In the list, there is also Gonzo's Quest of the same editor. This slot machine is based on the history of Gonzo, a conquistador living in 1541 in the coast of Peru. Throughout the adventure, you will be looking for gold in its side in the Incas territories. Then there are 88 fortunes signed aristocrat which brings together all the riches of Asian culture alone. With its 5 rollers and 3 rows, you will be able to have 243 lines of payments. What to increase your chances dramatically. Finally, there is Reactoonz from Play'n Go that takes you to meet generous little good green men.

How to choose the right slot machine?

Know that today the risks of scam related to slot machines are increasingly reduced. Indeed, random numbers (GNA) generators are set up by publishers. In addition, these are audited regularly by the competent authorities. In order, however, to ensure a positive gaming experience, here are some criteria to take into account. To choose the slot machine on which you will play, remember to check the redistribution rate. On average, a good slot machine has a rate of 96%. It is also necessary to observe the volatility of the slot machine. Depending on your preferences, you can also consider the themes. Finally, there are features and jackpots or bonuses that can help you choose.

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