Discover another variant of poker: Pai Gow

In casinos, whether online or between four walls, there is a myriad of games made available to you. Sometimes difficult to choose from all these possibilities. In addition, for each type, you have a multitude of variants. For example, poker there are classic and less common versions like the Paigow. The latter finds its origins in a game of Chinese Domino, whose rules have been rehabilitated in poker.Toupees, in practice, it is a game that gets closer to the table games. Discover hereinafter all the notions, rules and strategies that will allow you to appreciate it particularly.

Pai Gow rules

Basically, Pai Gow is a form of poker in which your goal will face a dealer. It's a part that never played between more than two players. In other words, it's a card game to one against one. For direct confrontation lovers, it's a perfect option. This is practiced with a hoof of 53 cards. In all you will have 52 standard cards and 1 joker. The latter can serve you as or come to complement a particular card combination. As in any self-respecting poker game, the goal is to have the best hand possible. Moreover, each combination of cards has a specific value you will find the details below. Here it is therefore essential to learn to build a good hand. It may seem complicated to the first surroundings. However, once you have learned about all the important combinations, it will be easy for you to play.

Pai Gow and Classic Poker: Differences

Even though Pai Gow is essentially considered a variant of poker, the two practices differ somewhat.

  • Already, in classic poker the number of players is not really limited. What is happening is that it takes at least 2 players and up to 7 participants. In the Pai Gow version, it is played to 2, between a player and a dealer (Dealer) facing him.
  • Poker, players are entitled to 5 cards against 7 at Pai Gow.
  • The presence of the joker in the hoof is also a particular point of the variant.
  • At Pai Gow, you have the option to separate your initial hand to build up a higher hand and lower one.
  • Here, there is no question of bluff as in a classical part. It is, above all, question of strategy.
  • Finally, the value of the hands sometimes differs.

These are essentially the differences, the rest is quite similar.

Hand value at Pai Gow

At Pai Gow, there are 11 hands possible. After the details in descending order:

  • 5 AS: better hand possible, consisting of 4 as and a joker.
  • Royal Flush: An Ace, King, Lady, Valet and 10 of the same teaches.
  • Quinte Flush: 5 successive cards and same teaches.
  • Square with 4 cards of the same value, but different colors.
  • Full consisting of 3 cards of the same value 2 more valued.
  • Color comprising 5 identical sign cards.
  • More: made of 5 consecutive cards of at least 2 different colors.
  • BRELAN composed of 3 cards of the same value.
  • Double pair with 2 pairs of different ranks.
  • Pair formed of 2 identical value cards.
  • As / king compound, as his name suggests, an AS and a king regardless of their sign.

Once you redeem these hands, the game will have no secrets for you.

Conduct of a part of Pai Gow

To start playing, you must make a bet between 1 and 500 €. Once you validate it, you will not be able to reverse. There, the dealer gives you cards and attracts as much. Everyone takes know of the value of his cards and composes two hands. A superior of 2 cards and a lower 5 cards. Subsequently, it is the confrontation. If your two hands are stronger than the croupier, you win the game. Your bet is doubled, but the house will levy a commission of 5%. Basically, if you bet 100 €, you will earn 100 more, but will leave only with 195 €. If only one of your hands is stronger than the croupier, there is equality. In this case, you recover your bet. If the croupier has the best hands, you lose. Finally, if there is perfect equality, it is the dealer who wins the game.

The strategies useful to Pai Gow

As previously said, at Pai Gow, what really matters is to opt for the right strategy. So, the first thing to do is to learn to judiciously separate his hands. For example, remember that it is never good to separate a pair. It is better to place them in your lower hand to have insurance. Then always pay attention to your hand with 2 cards. It is a combination that can make the difference between recover half of a start or lose everything. If you play online and you are a beginner, know that a software named "House Way" can help you. If you have no idea how to get your hands, this one does it for you. As soon as you better control the game, consider composing your hands autonomously. If you have the opportunity, try the versions of the game in free mode to train.

Benefits of Pai Gow

After observation, the rules of Pai Gow are childish simplicity. Make a game to one against one is much less stressful than you can believe it. Indeed, this allows you to easily identify your opponent's game. Chance and luck do not actually intervene in the game. Indeed, it exists, as said above, real strategies available to play correctly at IAP GOW. If you like to have control over your game, that's what will be better for you. Since the hoof consists of 53 cards, so it's a multi-handed game. What to have fun for a long time. The possibility of composing two hands, a weak and a strong, increases your chances of winning. In addition, you often have a reserve hand that is insurance. In this game, it is rare to achieve large losses during a game.

Parts of Pai Gow Online

It is much more advisable to play PAI GOW online. Indeed, even if the rules remain the same, some advantages come with virtual casinos. Already, there is the presence of different bonuses, such as welcome, which can be offered to you. You will never find this type of option in the actual casinos. How to resist when from the start, the bankroll is boostized to the maximum? Throughout, you will even have the right to promotional offers that can be used on Parts of Pai Gow. As for most online casinos games, Pai Gow can perfectly play on different media. With this in mind, it is possible to play from your PCs, mobiles and tablets of various brands. You can start a game, no matter where you are, and at any time. On some platforms, you can even enjoy the game in Live mode with a firewood in real time.

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