Online casino roulette, all you need to know

Among the casino games, whether online or in real establishments, roulette is surely one of the most popular practices. You should know that it is a game of pure chance whose variants are very numerous. However, there is not only the chance that plays in the favor of players. There are still some techniques to promote gains. In this article, we will turn around everything there is to know about the game and where to play.

The origins of roulette games

Roulette is one of the oldest games of chance. Originally, one associates its creation, in its cylindrical form, to the Mathematician Blaise Pascal in the 17th century. The growing popularity of the game is due to the Brothers Louis and François Blanc. These have changed the shape by removing a double zero box. From there, roulette counting only 37 boxes, with a single zero, knows more and more success. This configuration gives the impression that the chance of the players is increasing. Unusual facts about the game, it is also called the devil's wheel. On the one hand, the sum of all its figures which is equal to "666" explains this name. On the other hand, the legend tells that the white brothers sold their soul to the devil to know the secrets.

Operation of the game

Whether in its online version or its classic version, the rules of the roulette game remain the same. Basically, the game consists of a cylinder with 37 or 38 boxes, depending on the version. There are boxes numbered from 1 to 36 of red and black color. Depending on the version, there are more one or two green boxes, one numbered "0" and the other "00". Go, the roulette is turned in one direction and the ball launched in the opposite direction. The goal of the player is to bet on the outgoing number / number group, that is, the box on which the ball will stop. The possibilities of gains vary according to the bets that, too, can be very numerous. For betting, players put their chips on the column table placed next to the wheel.


To win roulette, it is possible to bet in different ways. As a general rule, the more risks you take, the more you have the chance to win big roulette. Take risks means betting on a unique number. We talk about full number and if it just falls, it's a gain of 35 times the starting start. If the ball falls on the "0", the betrier loses half of it against all if it falls on the "00". It is also possible to bet on number groups like putting on two numbers on horseback. Besides that, there is the setting on four squares or a whole column. In these cases, if the bet falls on an outgoing number, the gains are respectively 17.8 and 2 times the initial bet. The player can also double the setting by opting for a simple chance. There, the bets focus on red / black, pair / odd or missing / pass.

The varieties of casters online

There are various roulette versions, whether online or in terrestrial casinos. As said above, even at its origins, the roulette has known different versions. Each has remained to choose players. The European version, the most common, is that of the white brothers with a unique "0". There is The American version With the box of "00" in addition, which increases the risks of the game, but which remains popular. Then there is another variant that is Australian roulette. This one, with its unique "0" allows to recover half of the bet if it goes out. There is also the English roulette, the double ball, the one German, the mini roulette, the 3D roulette, and the multi-wheel ... the rules vary slightly from one version to another, but in general, the principle remains the same.

Roulette online: strategic game game

Although roulette is a game of pure chance, there are strategies that can help. Among these, there is the technique of the Martingale. It consists of doubling losing bets until there is gain. This does not make it possible to win, but at least not to lose everything. There are also the so-called Fibbonachi, Alembert or James Bond techniques. None can win certainly, however, it helps to play better. The bottom line is especially how to bet at best after winning or lost. Do not forget the different betting techniques that increase chances. To better understand all these strategies, there is only the repeated practice that works.

Roulette casino online or paying, how to choose?

You have to know that there exists Free roulette versions and paid versions. Each of it has its advantages and disadvantages. The free version allows you to make a hand without losing the slightest penny. This is the best way to train to learn how to master the strategies set out above. The disadvantage is that obviously, it is not possible to win the slightest penny while the objective of any bettor remains the gain. With paid versions, make big profits like losing everything is part of the game. That's what makes both the interest and danger of the game. Online paid versions are only legal in some countries . In land casinos, however, it is the only version that can be found. In both cases, bonuses are available, but these remain more advantageous on paid versions.

The best online casino to play roulette

To really enjoy the benefits of online roulette, you just have to choose the choice of good pay casino. Best noted in terms of online casino, and where you can find various versions of virtual roulette, is Crésus Casino.. This is due, mainly, to the fact that it is a good payer online casino according to the majority of the players. On the other hand, it offers a range of roulette games that has nothing to envy to its competitors in terms of quality. Crésus Casino is also considered to be a true Mastodon of E-Gaming in general. It also offers live versions of roulette that offer players more interaction. Wholesale, Crésus Casino, in terms of roulette games, includes performance and choice at the same time.

Other excellent online casinos to play roulette

Fortunately for players, it's not just Crésus Casino. which offers good online casters games. To avoid any scam, here are the sites on which it remains interesting to be able to play it. There is Lucky8 which offers a phenomenal range of roulette games. Players can find more than 10 versions of the roulette and 15Choix of it live. There is also Fatboss who offers innovative and extraordinary roulette games. Finally, there is casino Extra which has a good twenty different roulette games. Whatever the player's profile and the preferences of each, these 5 sites offer the best options. On all these platforms, there are both the games in demo mode and paid mode.

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