How to win the casino?

"The important thing is to entertain". Many of us have already heard a friend pronouncing this sentence after a series of losses on a slot machine or a table game. Recognize, however, that it is only a way to conceal, so much, the disappointment of not having been able to win a gain. If we play in the casino, it is above all to feel this thrill linked to the hope of getting a sum of money. This observation prompted us to present the keys to win at the casino.

General tricks to make money at the casino

At the casino, game options are growing. However, this does not compromise the effectiveness of these more generic advice than we will provide.

Get to know each other better for a mastery on his sessions

Before you make your choice of games and platform, you will have to start by querying your real needs and your own attitude towards the games. You want, for each of your sessions, start with a slot machine before switching to poker, blackjack, roulette or other table game? Prefer machines with low or medium volatility, with which you will be more likely to achieve a gain. The latter is, of course, more moderate, but will already take you from the positive energy for the rest of your session with other games.

Knowledge to be limited in terms of budget and playing time

To win the casino, you will also need to limit your losses, during the moments when chances are not on your side. This is why it is recommended to set a budget cap to be bet for each of the sessions. Once this limit is reached, you will have to directly stop playing. If you do not think it can be capable of respecting this mentally ceiling, you will only have to use the casino limit options or casinos of your choice. Nothing prevents you from extending this limitation to your play time.

Refer to the various data available relating to games

From online casinos, it exists for each game available the table of payments. The latter will provide you with maximum data to be able to estimate if your chances of winning are more important or reduced. If you are interested for example by slot machines, you will be informed, through this document, the return rate. If the latter is 95%, it means that over 100,000 euros of bets, 95,000 euros will be distributed, on average, between the lucky players in the form of gains.

Perform withdrawal gains as quickly as possible

If you want to have financial success thanks to casino games, you will have to avoid storing, each time the tokens obtained. In addition, to help you, many are the platforms with which there are automatic withdrawal thresholds that you can pay at your leisure, and a minimum to preserve in your account to continue your experience. No manipulation on your part is thus necessary for the triggering of a withdrawal request after exceeding the maximum planned balance. The minium to have in the account, for its part, will remain intact in the active balance.

The guide to winning slot machines

Because of its simplicity, the slot machine constitutes, undoubtedly, the most popular casino game. Many think that to win it, you have to rely only on his chances. Yet you can increase your possibility of gains based on these few tips.

Opt for a slot machine adapted to its needs and budget

Since the advent of online casinos, choices in slot machines are almost unlimited. All are not worth not. For this reason and for more chance to win, you will have to turn to a machine that corresponds to you in terms of theme and budget. Taking into account the first parameter, you will avoid a boredom playing a game that you do not like the universe. The second parameter, it will avoid you to find yourself bankrupt after only half an hour of play.

Boost your scale by taking advantage of bonus offers

By choosing well, you can fall on an online casino that offers free towers and credits on some or all of its slot machines. What will give you the opportunity to have a higher scale, without having to increase your game budget. By having a bankroll boosted, you will be able to make many tags and have more chance to win a gain. However, before you fix it on your choice, check the conditions, because some are too restrictive.


You have already set a maximum budget to be based on slot machines? Instead of using several turns, why not use it for only one or two turns? Indeed, whenever you realize the maximum bet allowed on a jackpot machine, you multiply the chance to win the paddle. Yet, with small amounts at every bet, this chance is almost nil. However, this does not mean that you will have to give up slot machines if your game budget is reduced. You should only turn to a machine with medium or low volatility.

Privilege "hot" machines and progressive jackpots

With some online casinos, you can find a list of "hot" slot machines, that is, those who have not allowed players to have long gains. The chances of winning with such a slot machine are indeed more important. In case you do not find this list, you will be able to inquire through the table with the names of the last big winners. These are usually displayed with the related games.

Progressive jackpot machines are also an ideal choice because they give you the opportunity to win, in addition to gains, large prizes in a random way.

What about other games

As a good part of the players, you can also need to make money with games other than slot machines. Here is a glimpse of all the tips for more liked to win wins with blackjack, roulette, baccarat and poker.

Gain blackjack

When you play blackjack, each hand won will allow you to see your bet multiplied by two. No need to put a big amount on the table in the first hand. Start with 5 euros before gradually increasing your bet to earn about fifty euros after 4 or 5 turns. And even if the temptation is too big, limit your updates to 20% of your game budget. This will allow you to avoid losing everything.


There are many winning tips if you want to win money with roulette. The most popular among them, however, remains the adoption of the Martingale's strategy. This consists of a doubling of the laps following a losing handle before a change in the box on which to bet. Thus, in case you bet 4 chips on a black box, you will have to bet 8 chips on a red box for example.


To have more chances to win a victory with the Baccarat gameFirst, first prefer the maxi-baccarat to mini baccarat because of the game speed it offers. Then, for statistical reasons, bet on the bank rather than on the player's hand, and avoid a bet on equality. Finally, you will need to know you in card counting, putting in mind that the bank will be advantaged after several outputs of the 4, and the player after several outputs of the 6.

Gain poker

Because poker has several variants, we will content ourselves here of more general tricks. Start by informing you about the variant that interests you the most. Afterwards, you can start your experience, avoiding mainly to give up from the first lost portion. The most successful players with this game have indeed benefited from every failure to question themselves and especially analyzing the reasons. Most realized that an adaptation to the opponent, an ability to bluffer and a winner's mind are important to find the road to victory.

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