Online casino and landscape, the solution par excellence

In the online financial transaction universe, CountryAfecard is one of the great players. To be able to make online deposits, especially on your favorite casinos, this alternative offers multiple advantages. As many know, identity and online banking flights are becoming more and more easily. In this context, Paysafecard seems to be the solution par excellence. In this article, we will see what is really paysafecard and under what circumstances use it.

What is landscard?

In simple words, Paysafecard is a prepaid ticket payment system, developed by Paysafe Ltd. If today it is not yet the solution adopted by all, this is spreading at a phenomenal speed. This is a system that offers Internet users the opportunity to make purchases or deposit online money more easily. This was created in the 2000s in Austria and invaded the market as early as 2002 starting with Germany. This third-party payment processor is still one of the most used solutions across Europe. The system is prepaid, and is valid for both online casinos and retailers. However, it is mainly successful with bettors. Of course, this is not the only online payment system that exists. There are also the "e-wallet" or electronic panels, but which involve more risks.


To enjoy a landscape, it is not necessary to provide personal data. So, no need for credit card or bank account number. Basically, it looks like the system of prepaid phones. Generally, peasafecard tickets are only worth 10, 25, 50 or up to 100 €. However, the maximum daily loading of a card can go up to 1000 €. Thus, in order to pay online, simply fill in the 16 digits presented on the said ticket to recharge your card. In other words, you purchase a ticket that can be converted into an electronic payment system via the use of a PIN code. The online casino or the site on which you will use it will automatically charge the map the desired amount. If you have a sum on it after a first payment, you will be able to use it later for other payments.

How to get a landscape?

It should be known that this type of ticket is available from more than 500,000 points of sale around the world. If only in Europe, you can find more than 100,000 traders who offer them. In Australia, it is easy to find newspaper kiosks, supermarkets, gas stations or tobacco offices. In any case, it is therefore quite easy to get one. Given the value of these tickets, the purchase can be made in cash, which guarantees the discretion. There is also a mobile application of the "CountryAfecard - Pay Cash Online" system that can download. To find the nearby points of sale, you can refer to your postal code on the landscape website.

Casino Online CountryAfecard and Security

Online casino games, in particular, have real dangers. It is not uncommon to find risky players who have trouble repeating their desires from betting. With landscape tickets whose value is limited, the player can only spend what he has on his prepaid card. This operates as a debit card and non-credit. In general, there are no registration or transaction fees when using CountryAfecard. However, Australian legislation is known to be strict in terms of online gambling. In this case, you may want to play on foreign sites. At this time only, there may be currency conversion supplements that can be amputated to you.

Benefits of landscape

What is mostly the success of the landscape, it is the anonymity they offer to consumers. No personal / financial data can be disclosed and the payment of ticket purchases can be made in cash. On the other hand, it is virtually impossible for you to fly money online with such a payment system. Similarly, another advantage recognized with this type of system is that the deposit is instantaneously. If you come then the desire to play, you provide a card, integrate the PIN code to the dedicated location, and you can play. Know that it is also possible to open a landscape account. On this one you will be able to store your codes if you do not want to be short of funds. In addition, the number of partner online casinos is growing day by day.

Weaknesses of the landscape

The main disadvantage of the landscape, for the players mostly is that they only allow to make deposits. No background withdrawal is then possible via this system. It is true that it can be frustrating if you make gains on your online casino game games. You will have to go through electronic carriers like PayPal, Skrill or Neteller to take full advantage of it. Then, these, as said above, are limited to liquidity. There is therefore no credit possible. However, a danger remains, because even if it is not due to the system itself, this can affect users. Some frauds have been recorded because videos rising from offering free landscape circulates on the web. These have proved, subsequently, to be scams. The last disadvantage is that since 2017, landscape has officially withdrew from the Australian market. However, it remains accessible on a few sites.

Online casinos accepting peasafecard

Many online casinos, worldwide, accept payments by CountryAfecard. Some of them even offer bonuses, more than interesting, to the bettors who use it. In the list of the best online casinos of June 2022 accepting this payment system, we find Jellybean and Joka Casino. The top 5 is then completed by Mrs Chance, White Lion and All Wins Casino. In the list of popular casinos authorizing peasafecard, we also find Wild Sultan, Nordicasino, Casino777, Lucky8 or Netbet. All these casinos offer games as diversified as qualitative. Opt for a good casino combo and landscard is therefore the assurance of a good time of relaxation for any seasoned player. Paysafe Ltd sees the number of its payments to online casinos enumerate year by year.

Other landscape uses

In general, there is all the benefits to using CountryAfecard. Users benefit from anonymity, their data is secure and their limited expenses (positive especially against the risk of dependence). It should also be known that other casino games, some platforms also accept the use of landscape. This is the case, among others, sports betting platforms and movie download sites and other entertainment. You can also set your phone notes and internet with what is shopping online. One of the highlights of Paysafe Ltd, it's the proximity of his team with users. Thus, you can find on dedicated forums or social networks of the competent personal paysafecard 24/7. Finally, it should also be noted that CountryAfecard is, in principle, compatible with all support models (mobile and computers).

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