How to recognize the best online casino

In recent years, there is an incessant increase in the number of online casinos. Many players are wondering about the platforms they can use. For this reason, we decided to group in this article all the criteria that will allow them to find the best casinos.

The wealth and quality of the Ludothèque

Registering on an online casino can be bound not only to the need to make money, but also to a desire to have fun. However, the latter can not be satisfied without access to many quality games. The best casino is, in the first place, the one that allows you to give you to games from the best-renowned publishers in the field. Among these are Microgaming, Betsoft, Net and Play'n'Go.

A player who focuses on the entertaining aspect of casino games can not be content with a single category of games. For him, the best online platform is where it can find both a multitude of sets of tables, slot machines and live games. It can even focus on casinos that give it the opportunity to access more common games in this universe. This is particularly the case with scratch cards and lottery games.

The exercise legally

It is usually difficult to guess if an online casino is secure and reliable, or not. To protect players, entities for the audit of existing platforms have been put in place. It is only after the success of an audit that a site can obtain an operating license. The latter will be thus put forward to prove that the site fully respected all the legal provisions applicable in the country of exercise of the auditor in question. These provisions include data protection, equitable games, transaction security and protection against dependence and isolation.

In addition, do not forget to check whether the country of the issuance of the license is well known for the rigor of its regulations.

Bonuses, promotions and other benefits

You want luck to be on your side so you can make gains and make your experience last even more. Online casinos are aware of and the best of them are particularly generous with bonuses and other promotions of all kinds.

Welcome offers

The welcome pack is one of the greatest arguments used by online casinos to encourage players to create an account. With the best platforms, it can be formed:

  • Free tricks without condition of bet or free spins
  • From the free of charge of a credit, the time to become familiar with the interface before the completion of a first deposit
  • Bonuses that can represent the 300% of the first deposits up to 1000 euros or more.

Recurring promotions

The generosity of the best online casino is not limited to the moments that follow your subscription and your first deposits. It also extends throughout your experience with the bonuses of Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the end of the week, including doubling the deposit or putting and adding free turns. The platforms who especially want to stand out from its rivals, for their part, do not even hesitate to offer free participation in tournaments, specific missions or challenges.

Club VIP.

If you subscribe to a better online casino, you can benefit from systems allowing you to self-reward you. If you are part of the most regular players, you will get more frequently points through which you can join a VIP club and go up in grade. If you have the highest grade, you will enjoy all the benefits reserved for VIP members, such as the provision of an account manager.

Opinions of other players and yours

You will not have to content yourself with the information provided by the casinos themselves to determine who is the best between them. Do you also trust users' opinions about them. You can also make your own opinions on the platforms that interest you through their demo version.

Access the magazines and specialized forums

How to ensure that the information emitted by the casinos on their ludothèque, their bonuses and their submission to the regulations are truthful? For this purpose, we recommend consulting specialized journals as well as forums dedicated to online casino games.

Use a demo version to review an online casino

In the majority of cases register on an online casino involves engaging money. It will take you, to avoid losing each of your attempts, a platform with which you can be comfortable with the software. Fortunately only for a few years, more and more sites allow you to try their games for free before making a first deposit. Enjoy it to give you an opinion on them and especially you get used to it with their software. It should be noted, as well as some platforms, the demo does not concern all of their ludothèque.

Availability of a quality version or mobile application

Players are more and more to want to indulge in their favorite games everywhere and at any time. Online casinos are aware of it and the best of them make available to their members a mobile version or mobile application of their platform. The graphic quality and intuitiveness of the interface do not change most of the time, their publishers who have made their software suit the screen size and the requirements of the mobile terminals.

Quality Annex Services

The previous criteria are enough to know if a platform is better compared to its competitors. Your choice will still be even better if you take into account the quality of the following ancillary services.

Transaction Related Services

When filling out subscription form, you will need to indicate the payment method that you will focus on the realization of your deposits and withdrawals. In the best casinos, your options range from traditional means such as transfer and bank check to cryptographic currencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Between these two extremes are banking cards like MasterCard and Visa as well as electronic wallets like Neteller and Skrill.

Declination in several languages

Recognizing that in some countries the languages to which the inhabitants are used may not be the same, the best online casinos are not content to propose one. It is for this reason that there are online casinos dedicated to Australian players who are also available in other languages such as Spanish, Italian, English, Dutch and Mandarin, among others.

Customer service and faq

To hope to get the qualification of "best" by the players, the casinos will have to weave a close relationship with them. But how is it possible? They just have to set up a customer service ready to meet all customer queries 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. This service will have to offer various means to him, starting with the phone, the cat and the form by mail. With regard to the most basic information, nothing prevents the platforms from presenting them as a FAQ.

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