What are the best welcome bonuses to play on casinos?

On online game platforms, there is not just games and gains that are important. Indeed, to enjoy a real moment of pleasure, several points are to be considered. Among these, there are the various bonuses that will allow you to play longer. Given the predominance of competition between virtual casinos, it is normal that everyone is generous. The one who makes the most is often the most popular. However, it's useless if a casino offers bonuses while it's bad payer or does not have enough games. Everything must be linked. So when you find a reliable and well provided casino, make sure it offers good bonuses. Among them, you will find Those welcome which are often the most interesting.

Types of bonuses to play on casinos

Before getting into the heart of the subject, it is interesting to know all the options available. In terms of reward and loyalty programs, bonuses are products specific to virtual casinos. There are obviously welcome bonuses, which you will find the details below, but that are not the only ones. You can also discover the bonuses without deposit that are totally free. However, their value is often not very significant and they are only offered once per user. Then there are cashback bonuses that consist of making you a percentage of your losses. It is often only accessible for VIPs. In addition, there are free spins bonuses that are interesting especially for amateurs of slot machines. Finally, we must not forget the sponsorship bonuses who advantage the loyal players while attracting the new ones.

What is the welcome bonus to play on casinos?

There are therefore various bonuses, however, there is one that stands out: that of welcome. It can contain so many money and free spins. The shape and size of the supply depends essentially on the generosity of the casino. In general, the offer is added to your player account when you make your first deposit. This can nevertheless be spread over the following according to the platform. Also know how to understand the meaning of the bonuses. For example, if it is 100%, it means that you will receive 100% of the sum filed. By putting 50 €, you will receive 50 € more. However, to protect the casinos often pose limits. For example, it is 100% up to 200 €. This means that if you drop more than that amount, the bonus will not apply to the sur.

Functioning a welcome bonus to play on casinos

You should know that the welcome bonus is not allocated automatically. By definition, you are offered as a new player and you will benefit from your first tests. However, to activate, it often requires a deposit on your part. The amount of the latter can affect the value of the bonus that oscillates between 100 and 400%. Often, the offer is spread over your 3, or up to 5, first deposits. In this sense, some casinos seem to offer bonuses up to more than 1000 € bonus. Often, it is only a bait, because the sum is actually distributed over several bets. The peculiarity of the welcome bonus is that you will do it only once by Casino. Indeed, casinos often offer regular bonuses, but this one remains punctual. Nevertheless, he is very sought after.

Welcome bonus interests

The welcome bonus, as said above, represents an extra sum. Basically, it's a significant option that allows you to start your adventure in the best conditions. You invest a certain amount, certainly, to enjoy it, but you leave with a full-block account. Generally, welcome bonuses can be used on the entire casino 's Ludothèque. The goal of the latter, by granting it to you, it is to attract you, but also to retain you. Unlike bonuses dedicated to particular games, this one will allow you to take a complete turn. Also know that if you often encounter regular bonuses, none are as generous as welcome. With the exception may be bonuses granted to VIPs. In addition, whatever the value, this financial addition is essential, especially for small budgets. Not to mention that you can actually make money with this bonus.

Limits of welcome bonuses

Welcome bonuses seem perfect. However, in the interest of casinos, they are often limited. Among the first conditions, you will find the wagering. To remember that bonuses can cause real gains. However, the latter are, often rebresisible only under conditions. The casino requires the bonus to be awarded a number of times before gains are reset. In most cases, this Wager is 30 to 40 times. Beyond, it's not interesting because you will not even see the color of the bonus. Apart from that, it is also possible that the value of the bonus is just deducted from your gains to withdrawal. Also know that welcome bonuses are limited in time. You have a specific time to use them, otherwise they disappear. Note that some casinos limit the use of welcome bonuses to a single game.

Best welcome bonuses to play on casinos

Since competition is rough between casinos, everyone tries to offer the best deals. Thus, there are some who are more or less interesting than others. There are also casinos that impose too complicated withdrawal conditions or that are simply bad payers. In the online casinos world, things are particularly ephemeral. So, the list you will find here can quickly change. Among the most generous now, there is only casino with its 100% bonus up to 400 € 20 free spins. Viggoslots also strikes strong with a 100% bonus up to 1000 € and 170 free spins. In addition, among the casinos of great reputation, you have Cresus Casino offering 150% up to 300 €. Unibet has a special offer that consists of 100% bonus up to 500 € with 6 tournaments offered. The possibilities are numerous.

Notions to remember on welcome bonuses to play on casinos

Know that welcome bonus activation can sometimes require the use of particular codes. These are often traded by the casino with online guides / journals. To dispose of it, you must read some. In order to find the best bonuses, here are some tips. Once you know the value, consider checking the general conditions of allocation. When you get it, use them only on the most profitable games. Similarly, do not be in a hurry to remove them, it is better to take full advantage of it. Their use is limited in time, but this is not the case for gains you will realize with. Also know that you can perfectly refuse a welcome bonus if it does not suit you. Just remember that the more you invest, the higher the value of the bonus.

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