The battle: a simple casino game to play

Very popular card game, the battle has been successful with family events. Playing with unparalleled conviviality, it is a practice that is transmitted from generation to generation. Faced with its success, casinos have no choice but to offer the game in their establishments. It is in a way the most fun part of all casino games with its rules of infantific simplicity. With technological evolution, it is not surprising that the battle has been quickly made in virtual casinos. For people looking to have fun without worrying, that's what is better. In addition, it's a full-fledged casino game, which means that gains are really possible. Whatever your goal, learn to appreciate the simplest map game of the casinos world.

The rules of the battle

Although the battle is the simplest card game that is, it is governed by rules. As with all other practices in this category, the cards each have their value. Already, know that this is played with a classic package of 52 cards. With this in mind, AS, absolute card, is the highest value. Follow all cards with the figures in the King Order, Lady and Valet. As for those with numbers, they keep a nominative value. In other words, it goes from 10 to 2 in descending order. The number of players can vary from 1 to 7, in addition to the dealer. The goal of each participant is not to compete, but on the contrary to beat the dealer. When practiced in a casino, the bets are essential. These then carry on the results of the game.

Unfolding a battle part

Go it, the dealer begins by mixing the cards. For the game really starts that the players sitting around the table must place their chips. They can bet on "bet", "equality" or both. As soon as the dealer announces that "nothing goes anymore", no one acts anymore. Starting from the left, it then distributes each player a visible side card. He distributes one last before comparing the hands. From there 3 ways are possible. Either the player has a card stronger than the dealer and wins or it's the opposite and he loses. The third possibility is that player and croupier have the same value hands. In this case, there is equality and these are those that have been on the dedicated box that will be paid.

Additional options for the battle

At the battle, whether it's the croupier or the player who wins, the game stops and a new start. Things are banging when there is equality. Already, if this happens, those who initially bet on the dedicated box receive 10 times their bets. As for the player with a single-value hand as the croupier, two options are available to him. He can either give up and give up half of his bet to deliver battle. He must then double his bet. From then on, the croupier burns 3 cards and distributes the fourth to the player. Then he burns one and use himself. The comparison is therefore made to have the final result and the highest card prevails. If it's the player's, he won once his initial bet and recovers all his bets. Otherwise, he loses everything.

The battle a simple online casino game

You now understand why the battle is considered a simple game. In a few minutes of reading, you already master the basics. What has been omitted, perhaps, it's the value of earnings if you bet on "bet" and you win. In this case, you will be entitled to a gain of once your bet. If you play 5 € and you win, stay with 10 €. Anyway, know that if you play online the same rules remain valid. To take advantage of the experience, you simply need to register on a virtual casino offering this type of activity. Once the player account is established, you only have to go to the dedicated section. Various game developers have looked at the creation of excellent titles of the battle, such as Casino War. Go, you only have to select the version that suits you the most.

Are there strategies to play the battle?

The battle is a game of cards that is based a lot on chance and luck. As a result, there is no real strategy to apply to this game. The tips exist, but they do not assure the gains. They just improve the way of playing. Beware of advice that indicate card counting. It's just a waste of time, especially with random numbers generators used by today's virtual casinos. Think above all to have fun. If you are novice, play the cautious card by placing small repetition. In this same optics, do not abuse the battle. If you have the chance to win the second part, enjoy and move on. Similarly, never put your winnings again. Never lose sight of your limits whether they are gains or losses.

Where to play the battle?

Many Australian-speaking online casinos offer battle parts. Moreover, in terms of casino, there is a lot on the market. Know, however, that it is not because there is a whole myriad of possibilities that must all try them. Already, before making your choice, try the experience in free mode. Some casinos allow you to play without paying to give you a glimpse of what awaits you. Already, there you will know where to direct. Then, when you want to go to real mode games, prefer the most generous casinos. Attrace to the promotional bonuses and offers they offer. Check especially if they can be used on the desired battle parts. One of the points really do not neglect, it is the licenses and the legality of the site. Make sure the one chosen has to ensure your safety and equity of games.

What to remember from the battle: a simple game

If you have already played the battle being a child, you understand that the version presented here is no different. The fact that it is accessible online gives him just a renewal. In addition, the real change lies in the bets, but in the end is the same practice. For those looking for a fun game, without the slightest pressure and who can pay, that's the solution. Also remember that some online casinos do not present the game as "battle". If you have trouble finding yourself, redirect to the category "Casino War". That's exactly the same thing. At this game, the key word is above all to have fun, it is necessary to let chance do the rest.

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