How to play craps online?

Casinos are no longer limited by borders. Thanks to significant technological evolutions, anyone can access it, since virtually anywhere. Indeed, there are no more today than the casinos in hard, there are also those who are virtual. Moreover, they often offer much more opportunities for players. For example, if you wish crapIt will be much easier to do it online than in the room. This is not the most popular game with Francophone betting and yet it has a lot of potential. All you need to play it is a table of bet, two dice and a huge pinch of chance. If you want to discover this game somewhat particular, find below some relevant information.

Brief history of craps

Craps is one of the oldest forms of games of known chance. The fact that two cubes are enough to play one of the most common entertainment. All this, with various civilizations that have succeeded each other. Nevertheless, the true origins of this game still lend, today, to confusion. On the one hand, there are those who think that it is born from the practices of British knights in the years 112. On the other, some say that it is of Arab origin. The modern version brought the day in 1700 and landed in the United States, where he knows his apogee, in 1813. It would then be an old civilization called "Cajun" who would have brought him back. Since casino games have been legalized, in 1931, Novada, Craps has established itself. Today, the game is always very present in the American casinos and begins to spread in the Australian casinos online.

The rules for playing craps online

Remember that The rules of Craps stay the same online and in terrestrial casinos. The purpose of bettors are to predict the result of a dice throw. To do this, everyone must place a bet on the different sections of the bet table. Here, two dice with six faces are used. The sum of the values shown by both dice determines the winning number. When part of live online, know that each bettor present around the table can start the dice. The latter are then transmitted from one player to another in the opposite direction of the needles of a watch. At the very beginning, the shooter seizes dice. He then places his setting on "pass" or "does not pass" and the other bettors make the same. Once bets made, the dice are launched towards the edge of the table.

Why play craps online?

Craps is a fairly simple game. You will see the possible bets and what they can bring you back. However, if you wonder why play online, here are the answers. It is true that it is a game that uses a certain interaction. The presence of noisy players and spectators has done every success in American casinos. However, and this is worth particular in Europe, the online craps is much more accessible. Many virtual rooms have excellent tables. In addition, if you have just discovered, there is only online that you can play for free. Know that if you want to play and win without paying, it remains possible with various promotional offers. These are not opportunities to receive extra money that are missing online. You do not need to move to enjoy it.

Important notions to know before playing craps online

You now know where to play craps. To enjoy, however, a good gaming experience, besides the rules, some notions are to know. Know that at this game, there are basically two phases. The first is when the player starts the dice for the first time. This step, called "Come Out Roll" makes it possible to record the first bets. Three issues are possible. If the dice come out a 7 or 11, the "pass" bets earn. For 2, 3 or 12, these are the "do not pass" that outweigh it. In both cases, a new part begins afterwards. If the result comes out 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10, the continuous part with new throws. It is, by the way, the second stage called "point". The result is considered to be the point that the player must reach to win the game.

The main types of Craps bets

As said above, there are basically two types of craps. At the comed out roll, the players and the launcher have the choice between "pass" and "does not pass". The first type of bet, also says Pass Line, has a house benefit of 1.41%. On the other hand, you have the "Do not Pass Line" bets with 1.36% home advantage. This bet allows you to pocket gains when the launcher loses. To remember that Line Pass earn with 7 or 11 and Don't Pass Line with 2, 3 or 12. Here are some details on the point. If the player, for example, gets a 5, by removing, if it comes out a 7 before the desired, it loses. Pass bets are then losers. Conversely, if it happens to draw on the 5th before one, he wins, and the bets do not pass are losing.

The other types of paris

There are other possibilities for craps. At one point, bets can also be opened. There you are entitled to "Come" versus "Do not come". The same home advantages, respectively at the Pass and do not pass, are applied there. There are also the Odds and Lay that relate to the exit or not a 7 before the established point. Before they are Odds and after Lay. There is also the Field bet. This bet is winning if when throwing next, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11 or 12 are out. You can also wear your bet on duplicates. This bet is called Hardways. The player is a winner when the launcher comes out either a 3/3, 4/4, 2/2 or 5/5. Finally, there is Big6 / Big8, Craps, Any Craps, 7 and 11.

Strategies for playing Craps online

You will understand it, the basic principle of Craps is quite simple. These are the possible bets that are varied. However, to master these, there is only practice. It is here, again, all the interest of playing online. With demo versions, you can perfect your game by taking care without engaging more money. Then, since it is a game of pure chance, there is no real strategy to win. What is possible is to minimize the risk of loss by betting on bets with low house advantage. You can also vary the bets to improve your approach. However, there is no guarantee as to the gains. There are other articles online that evoke probabilities in Craps. If you want to become a master in practice, do not hesitate to consult them. Now you know the essential, you just have to play.

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