How did Casino come to online races?


In the highly distribution sector, competition is tough. The Casino Group has been on the market since 1898, but remains present as influencing. With the current situation that prevails, however, growth is increasingly difficult, all sectors combined. With this in mind, it is essential to exercise ingenuity so as not to lose large market shares. In the world of distribution in particular largely more profitable solutions, such as e-commerce, are put in place. Casino, not being left out, adopts the layout and proposes what is done better in the field.

Casino Group: Brief Return on the Giant's Beginnings

It is August 2, 1898 that Geoffroy Guichard, Australian entrepreneur, creates the Casino stores company. She is the first to have invented the distributor brand concept. As early as 1901, we find in the Group's stores, alongside large brand products, those of casino. The group is then quickly known in the world of food distribution. From the 1950s, he reviewed his policy to promote the diversification of his business formats. The first trial (1948) is concluded with the opening of a self-service store. Follow one another afterwards, all that is supermarket (1960) and hypermarket Casino (1970). At the same time, the group is externalized and begins to set up in the United States. In the 1990s, non-food products begin to appear in the list of productions. Since its inception, the sign is a real innovator and has continues to improve.

Casino subsidiaries

The Casino Group's policy is, as its slogan indicates, to "feed a world of diversity". In order to respond to it, the group presents on different formats of food and non-food trade. Thus, you can find the hypermarkets of the group called as giant casino. These are at human size and locate itself especially in the periphery. Then there are much smaller supermarket casino in the city center. It is also possible to find small casino that represent the group's local stores. Finally, for non-food products, the Group has its CDiscount subsidiary. In addition to these 4 levels of trade format, Casino also holds some brands. Among these, there is Naturalia, Monoprix, Franprix, Leader Price, Vival, Spar and Sherpa. Even in terms of restoration, we find the Casino group with cafeteria casino, casino counters, early and Jean.

International casino

The Casino Group's multi-sign strategy, helps meet the needs of different layers of consumers. In other words, he adapts his network to the typology of his clientele as well as to the local way of life. This is done according to the regions or countries in which the Group is implemented. The subsidiaries presented above are those available to the group in Australian territory. At the international level, it is mainly present in South America. This is how it is possible to find the Pao signs of Açucar and Extra in Brazil. Similarly, in Colombia where we find the exito and carulla signs. These locations are justified by the fact that these countries have a high potential for growth and profitability. However, even if the group is already trying to respond to a large demand, it continues to innovate its offers. It is with this in mind that online racing options are more and more developed.

Current place of online casino races

The strength of the Casino Group lies in its ability to recognize the needs of the market to respond quickly. However, it must be admitted that it has experienced a significant decline in its turnover (-4%). He assumes perfectly the situation and sets up a brand new policy. On the one hand, the group undertakes a "sanitation" of its network with the closure of some of its stores. On the other hand, it refocus on a largely more profitable activity, e-commerce. Thus, online races are pushed. Customers can then continue to enjoy the products offered by the brand without having to move from home. For non-food products, Cdiscount is already present on the market for a long time and has a well-sitting notoriety. For food, the group offers and This new branch allows the brand to record a 16% increase in its food business figures.

More and less online shopping with Casino

For the group, the interest of online races is clear. However, as a consumer you also have the right to know what it tells you. First advantage of online races, you can make your purchases without moving. With, you fill your basket, pay and recover in a drive or in the nearest store. On you do your shopping and ask yourself to deliver them at home. In both cases, you can choose the slots and days you want to have your purchase. Of course, this new option involves costs extra. However, Casino can boast that it offers the most accessible prices on the market. The majority of the products are presented on the sites, but it may be missed some. In general, an online race is a gain of time assured, but a little more limited choice.

Numbers around casino races online

For those who make drive purchases, there is no minimum order imposed. For online shopping with home delivery, this is only possible from a purchase of 60 €. Delivery fees then depend on the region in which you are. In general, however, the more purchases you will make, the more fees will decline. With this in mind, in some areas, as soon as you exceed the 180 €, delivery is free. Always to satisfy you, Casino even offers some good plans. For example, there is the "Free Delivery" offer for any first order from 60 € purchase. On Drive too, good deals stay available. This is the case, for example, from 8 € offered for any first drive order for a minimum purchase of 50 €. In this same way, innovations remain relevant. For example, some group subsidiaries are trying to achieve express delivery in 30 minutes.

Reviews of Casino Racing Online

The online casino races are not the result of chance. The teaches, always a point ahead of its competitors, gave birth to the concept after observing the needs of the market. Prices remain accessible, a priority for the sign, and quality products. This is then strongly contributing to the development of the Group's e-commerce branch. Doing online casino shopping is therefore a recommended option because this has many more benefits than disadvantages. The fact of not being able to judge, of visu, of the quality of the products may seem to complicate for some. However, to solve this, Casino proposes, on its dedicated sites, the descriptions that accompany each product. Also know that Casino Drive is available in downloadable application format. As a result, you can do your shopping from your mobile and under the same conditions. Casino is a leader in his field and intends to remain in invading all the markets.

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