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The Casino Group is one of the most influencing actors in the largest distribution sector in Australia. You will surely know its hypermarkets, supermarkets, shops of proximity and its various brands. But did you know that the group also has a financial branch that is none other than the Casino Bank? Find in this article all there is to know about it.

What is the Casino Bank?

You know it surely, the Casino Group's policy is to "feed a mode of diversity". It is in this perspective that it offers its services and banking offers, and these have the reputation of especially benefiting consumers. Created in 2001, the Bank is 50% owned by the group and 50% by CIC Crédit CIC. This provision is, however, in effect only since 2012. Initially, the group creates the bank only to commercialize its private and prepaid maps. At this time, cards can only be used in hypermarkets or casino giants to make purchases. In 2004, the possibilities increase, and the cards become usable in the Casino supermarkets and on Cdiscount. Being a group known for its initiatives, it is not surprising that with the years, offers have improved. From 2011, it promotes partnerships and begins to take an interest in consumer and insurance credits.

Casino bank on the consumer side

If the Casino Bank is categorized as the consumer bank, it is not for nothing. Indeed, it is due to facilitate access to banking and insurance products. With this in mind, the Bank uses the most essential technologies. That's why she prioritizes 100% digital offers. Becually Banque Casino is considered today as a leader in terms of payment solutions on Web and Mobile. As a consumer, you can also have the Casino Bank to enjoy benefits from major e-merchants. Among these, you will find Cdiscount, Misterfly, Oscaro and of course Giant Casino. The Bank has even developed tailor-made services for these. In general, the Casino Bank is particularly easy to use for its customers. By the way, towards the end of 2019, she announced having reached 3 million customers.

Bank Casino and Bank Cards

This is mostly the success of the Casino Bank, it is its bank cards. Essentially the bank makes available to its customers 3 kinds of bank cards. In general, these are MasterCard products backed by Casino benefits. There is the Casino Gold MasterCard, which is the high-end version of the bank's cards. Particularity This is to offer 2% cashback on any purchase made in casino giants and Cdiscount. Then there is the Casino MasterCard card which is the entry-level version. Basically, it is a classic blue card with deferred flow. The advantage is that its use does not necessarily require the opening of a new bank account. Samples are done on an associated account. Finally, there is the Cdiscount Casino card. This marketing offer focuses on the partnership between the Bank and the Group Electronic Commerce branch.

Services offered by the online casino bank

This differentiates one bank from another, it is above all the services it proposes. As said above, Casino's offers a 100% digital offer. Thus, you can find the mobile application "My Accounts Banque Casino". Thanks to this one, you can view the situation of your account and follow your operations anywhere and regardless of time. It is even possible to request express financing via the application or spreading payments.

A good bank is also an establishment that remains listening to its customers. With this in mind, the Casino Bank offers you an excellent customer area. On the latter you can view your information, change your details, check your documents and manage the login information. In addition, it is very easy to get in touch with the bank with a telephone service, chat, mail or mail. Finally, there is secure messaging that allows you to exchange directly with a counselor since the application.

The credits proposed by the Bank Casino

In addition to payment cards, the Bank also offers credit and insurance offers. Also, Casino credit cards are very convenient when you shop in the group's brands. However, your needs as a customer can be very diverse. Thus, you are then proposed various credits formulas. There is, for example, the personal loan to finance all types of punctual projects as unforeseen. And to take advantage of it, there is no need for proof. There are also the auto and motorcycle credits to finance the purchase of a vehicle. There the purchase order or invoice serve as a supporting document. The work loan is, for its part, intended to finance the completion of work in the housing or the acquisition of equipment. Here too, purchase orders and invoices are useful. Finally, there is consumer credit and credit redemption. Insurance side, Casino Bank offers loan insurance and credits to realize these in peace.

Purchasing Benefits Online Casino Giant Bank

If the Casino Bank offers maps that can be used with Casino giants it is not for nothing. Generally, credit cards offer some benefits when you make purchases at Casino. For example, with the Casino Gold MasterCard and the Casino MasterCard, you can enjoy exceptional offers. This is the case, for example, 50% offered in voucher on various rays at Giant Casino and Supermarket Casino. All that is registration is done online, in less than 10 minutes and without having to change bank. With the Casino Bank, you can also download the Casino Max. With the latter, you can enjoy exclusive and personalized promos. The brand has become a great actor of e-commerce because he continually enlarges his partnerships with traders. The solutions it proposes integrate, in fact, easily to the acquisition of customers.

Reviews Bank Casino

From a general point of view, the online casino bank gets a note well above average. Blue card solutions, credits and insurance are interesting and advantageous for customers. Indeed, these are very similar to the offers made by other professionals in the field as Cofidis or Cetelem. Customer service is very accessible and a team of professionals of great friendliness is at your disposal. The benefits of using Casino Bank cards are significant when you use them in the Group's brands. Casino is not the only group that has embarked on the creation of a banking offer. However, even if it remains discreet, it does not just withstand competition, quite the contrary. The idea is to give you some control over your money while making your life easier.

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