With the current situation, only the most creative manage to run their business. If we are tempted to believe that sports bets make the soul, we are far from the truth. Indeed, these entities double creativity to offer players other events on which bet. Indeed, to try to cross these hard times, they turn to weather forecasts. When there is no sport to propose, non-sporting events are honored. With vacant paris lounges in pandemic times, you have to run the box. The COVID-19 has put many activities in a neutral, so, even bets refocus on random things like the weather.

Implement the prediction capacity of players

It's no longer a surprise for anyone, sporting events are no longer relevant. To be canceled or postponed for an indefinite period because of COVID-19, these can no longer be sources of Paris. It is with this in mind that the Paris platforms like Bovada have reoriented their activity. It is then possible today to bet on the weather. The basic idea is then to encourage bettors to predict the weather if they have the ability. Thus, betting lines on the maximum temperature in Texas or Houston are launched. Site, it works when we notice bettors who dare to advance numbers. The platform then offers two options, below or above 27 ° C. The numbers were therefore -180 for the first against +140 for more than 27 ° C.

Today, temperature ratings are available for several cities. Which makes pitors can bet on the weather of Jacksonville, Philadelphia, Vancouver, Chicago, Phoenix or New York. There are even favorites, as the Case of Chicago. The declining temperature of Paris was placed in the 5 ° C mid-March with a rating of -250. In principle, if a bet put in the $ 100, it can earn up to $ 40. It is enough when the temperature remains at this level or increases above. Of course, bettors refer to Weather Channel before confirming their bets and find the results on

Effect on players

In the United States, television games are more appreciated. Among the most famous "Jeopardy! The Greatest of All Time "Translated into Australian by" Peril! " Among the most emblematic participants of the show, James Holzhauer finished second in the tournament. Recently, it has reconverted into sports betting. Become a professional bettor, he proved, more than one recovery that bettors can do more than play. Indeed, these, he says, have analytical skills that can play in their favor. However, the question is whether even the best sports bettor has the skills to play against Mother-Nature? It must be understood that the bet on the weather in itself has nothing really captivating. What is most like the player is to be carried away by purely risky bets. The only factor "luck" to find or not the correct answer is a true source of adrenaline. Today, bets are so varied that players are considered degenerate. It can indeed go from a bet on the results of a reality TV competition to that of a price ceremony ... but it can also be done on more gloomy events like the prediction of death of famous people. This has the advantage of occupying the greatest bettors during these isolation times.

New bets even more strange

The suspension of sports betting has had some little strange effects. In addition to this weather of Weather Paris, people have also started betting on the results of the lottery. The latter being already in itself a game of pure chance, bet on it is quite strange. This is largely due, in the United States, to the drawings of Mega Millions and Powerball. With this in mind, players had the opportunity to predict the number of mega gold bullets for a draw. As of March 17, for example, the 25 numbers had a +2000 coast. The bets could also relate to whether or not there is a winner at the Mega Million Jackpot. On the latter, the ratings were -3500 for the "No" against +900 for the "yes". As a reminder, the Jackpot was estimated at $ 90 million. On the Powerball side, the next day (March 18), the rating of the 25 red numbers was +2100. On the jackpot side, the numbers were -1200 for the "No" and +600 for the "yes". For Powerball, the Jackpot was estimated at $ 130 million. There is, however, a remaining question. If the bettors are also confident for the results, why not just play the lottery? They could then reflect the Jackpot or find the Powerball ball or the Gold Mega Millions on which they bet.

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