Sports bets land in Indiana


The 65 exit of Indiana is a flagship destination of all Kentuckian looking for good sports bets. However, this could change with the arrival of a new sports betting option. PointsBet then point the tip of his nose in Indiana.

Who is PointBet?

For those who do not know it, PointBet is the most dynamic online bookmaker in America. This one offers traditional fixed bias bets, but not only. Today, the platform is mostly known compared to its latest betting offer. The principle of the latter is simple, the more your bet wins, the more you gain too. Basically, it allows bettors to win exponentially on their bets. Of course, the principle also applies in the opposite direction. By putting $ 10 on a 9-point favorite, you earn $ 10 more if they earn by 10. and this can go up to $ 100 if it's by 19. Conversely, if you bet on the wrong team, It's a loss of $ 80.

Which also made the reputation of PointBet, it is its refunds in case of bad weather. Similarly, the company also does it in the case of games with controversial or unreliable purposes. Note that before arriving in Indiana, she already had her place in Iowa and New Jersey. Its success is such that it should soon disembark in Colorado, Illinois and Michigan.

PointsBet and Indiana Mobile

In early March, the Indiana Games Commission announces that PointBet now had permission to take bets. Faced with that, the company has planned to realize a gentleness in the first days. It is indeed essential to refer to the behavior of the bettors before making a great opening. With that, Indiana is the third working state of society after Iowa and New Jersey. What is a real victory in itself for the whole team. The latter then states wanting to provide all the sports enthusiasts of quality sports bets worthy of them. For this, PointBet had to make an agreement with Penn National Gaming. As a reminder, this American package company already operates the Hollywood Casino and Hotel in Lawrenceburg. Fortunately, the Internet Gaming Council allows the licensed platforms to operate up to 3 sports betting skins. By landing in Indiana, PointsBet gains a significant advantage because it is considered an open registration state. Basically, any interested hoosier has only downloaded the mobile app on his phone to bet with PointsBet. He can then register online wherever he is in Indiana. No mention of personal data is required. In his approach, Indiana is the first state to set up this type of agreement. However, for PointsBet it is an open door on West Virginia, Louisiana, Missouri and Ohio. Until then, only West Virginia allows sports betting.

A well calculated launch

If PointBet pointed the tip of his nose in Indiana in early March, it's for good reason. This coincides with the beginning of the Madness market. These are no other than the qualifying series of the academic basketball of the region. The meetings took place the first weeks of March and the winners had places for the NCAA tournament. It should be understood that in Indiana, basketball has a very important place. If at the beginning of the year, $ 59.8 million from Paris were recorded on this activity. Compared to other sports activities, such as football that has only harvested $ 36.7 million in Paris, it's huge. Figure all the more surprising, since the same period, the University Championship and the NFL playoffs argued. In Michigan and Kentucky, online sports betting were not yet allowed. As a result, sports betting on basketball were increased. In addition, they record a large number of university basketball fans for teams of their states. This is due to the fact that schools like Purdue were part of the "eight elites" of the NCAA 2019. However, with the disturbances related to the current crisis situation, Michigan ended up legalizing online sports betting. Even those in detail were planned during the month of March. The place of university basketball in Indiana is then all the more strengthened. PointsBet takes the opportunity to register at +4500 purd to win the NCAA title this season. In addition, the return to the NCAA of the Université d'Indiana team this year brings more interest to the bettors.

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