Online games and coronavirus pandemic: a particular approach to Sweden


Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, each government has its own approach. Outgoing, however, of the lot, that of Sweden is unusual. On the one hand, strict measures are taken against the online game industry. Indeed, the Swedish Government puts in place severe restrictions, and that until the end of the pandemic. Among other things, the amounts of bet are limited to an equivalent of just under $ 500 a week. Paradoxically, on the other hand, social distancing measures are much less binding. Indeed, the country contrary to many, promotes entry into with said virus.

Much more risk-oriented concerns related to gambling

Since the appearance of the pandemic and the beginning of the confinement programs, a phenomenon is observed. There is an exponential increase in the attendance of online casinos. Various countries are affected and each reacts differently. Latvia, for example, has prohibited these types of games. More flexible countries like Spain or Belgium, meanwhile, have only imposed certain limitations. This is also the case of Sweden, which obviously does not escape this reality. The leaders of the latter consider that there is a real risk of increasing addiction problems. Thus, restrictions, not only in terms of putting, but also of loss, are imposed. Similarly, bonus offers must be confined at a height of $ 10. Not to mention the game time that needs to be limited. The Swedish government goes even further, blocking all unregulated sites discovered. It should be noted, however, that these measures are much less radical than what has been originally planned. Initially, a temporary closure of online casinos was envisaged. However, Sweden remains firm and evokes the possibility of extraordinary measures against casinos that do not apply these restrictions.

Contradictory restrictions on various plans

Faced with the situation, some Swedish analysts are questioning the fact that it is possible that it generates perverse effects. Indeed, it could encourage bettors to fall back on unregulated sites. The Swedish Association of Online Money Games highlights the importance of traffic generated by dismissal sites. If it is supposed to reach 90%, it is only 75% today. It would be smarter from the Swedish government not to worsen these conditions. The paradox that is observed is that the severity of the restrictions against COVID19 does not apply to all plans. Thus, unlike the majority of other countries, Sweden adopts unbuttle social distancing measures. The government obviously holds that the number of cases does not skyrocket. However, it also matters it to leave the population in so that it develops a form of collective immunity. Double-edged decision, according to medical experts, as this can function both and unnecessarily increase the number of deaths. In the latest news, Sweden records a little more than 16,000 cases against just under 20,000 deaths. Approximately, it would be equivalent to 19 deaths per 100,000 inhabitants.

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