Lottery activities and pandemic period


Faced with the pandemic that rages, the opinions are very shared. Some consider that economic activities must continue to compensate, while others consider that the judgment will better limit the risks. This is then the case of lottery activities. While Loto-Québec stops its land lotteries sales, American states do not do the same.

What is really

In American states, even in times of crisis, only physical sales of banknotes and scratch games are allowed. This is done everywhere on the American soil, even in the most affected states like New York. In Quebec, the decision was for Loto-Québec to authorize online sales. This could only be done on a handful of states in the United States and depending on the incomes thereof. The decision for Canada is without appeal. Any sale in land lotteries is stopped during the crisis for digital those remain the only authorized. This has, among other things, the purpose of stepping the propagation of COVID-19. With this in mind, many grocery stores and service stations are closed to prevent people from going out. This applies especially for the elderly, often attracted by lottery games. Loto-Québec takes its responsibilities very seriously in the face of the current situation. If necessary, it is even ready to strengthen the measures to respect the state of health emergency. The company does not plan to stop in the case of Quebec proper. Indeed, its managers ensure that they are putting in place coordination operations with operators from other provinces.

What will happen for the United States?

It should be known that in the United States, lottery activities have a special place. Indeed, the incomes of these take advantage of schools and other good causes. The establishment of a digital adaptation would be just as difficult because some states do not have the luxury of "connecting". The only states where online lottery is possible are Georgia, Kentucky, Illinois, Michigan, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania. In these 6 states, players can buy online tickets to participate in important prints. In other states, the digital option is possible, but only on online scratches and second chance promotions. Currently, with the coronavirus crisis, States in favor of online lottery wins more weight. The isolation and the need to compensate for financial losses represent considerable arguments. Unfortunately, the opinions are shared and the legality of online lotteries remains a sensitive subject. There is also the WireAct that prohibits cross-border money transmissions. These can, in fact, promote the incomes of organized crime. Under Obama, in 2011, the WireAct was reviewed and was mostly imposed on sports betting. With regard to the online lottery, the feasibility was examined on the request of certain States. This has allowed lottery games, casino and online poker to find their own way. However, at the arrival of Trump in power, the decision was canceled. For many, it's a government's political favor towards Sheldon Adelson. The latter is well known for being a great donor of the state, but also an opponent of online games.

Real place of the lottery

In several American states, confirmed cases and the number of CVIV-19 deaths increase from day to day. Ohio, for example, no escapes. To try to stem the propagation, casinos and bars are closed. The isolation measures and the order to "stay at home" are reinforced. Nevertheless, we see that lottery tickets remain on sale. For sellers, it's not for lack of trying to raise awareness. Indeed, these complained that they must end up less than two meters from customers to sell. It goes without saying that safety side, to prevent the virus spreading, that's not the best. The fact is that physical lottery tickets are virtually vital for many US states. Thus, the lottery is even considered as part of the "essential services". Operators, such as The Ohio Lotteries, represent an essential government function. Surely because they provide must-see funding for public education. If no online operations solution is considered against CVIV-19 that the United States will end up playing.

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