2 billion Filipino pesos to combat coronavirus


Mid-March, President Philippine Rodrigo Duterte declares national emergency in relation to coronavirus. If in many countries, it engages considerable economic damage, the Philippines prosperity remains relevant. Thus, a donation of $ 39 million is made by the Casino Regulator to the Federal Government. According to them, this money will be used to fight against the pandemic.

2020, a prosperous year despite everything

If in the world is the crisis and the fall of economies, the Philippines hope has not disappeared. Pagcor (Philippine Fun and Gaming Corporation), a state society, there is also a lot. 2022 is far from a bad year, despite the situation, if we refer to the figures of society. For this, Pagcor regulates several billion dollar hotel complexes in Entertainment City in Manila, but not only. It also operates 8 terrestrial casinos (Casino Filipino) and more than a dozen small rooms. According to the estimate of Andrea Domingo, its president, an income of Filipino's 290 billion pesos (PHP) is hoped for 2022. Compared to the results of the previous year (2019) it would be an increase of 17%. The large part of the $ 4.85 billion earned that year were primarily filled by 4 hotel complexes. Resorts World, City of Dreams, Okada and Solar generated 3.23 billion Ggr. Terrestrial casinos gave $ 720 million and the Filipino offshore games (POGO) $ 700 million. As for the remaining $ 200 million, they were attributed to Clark and Thunderbird's commercial casinos. However, it is clear that these Ggr forecasts are not sure. Mainly it is the appearance of COVID-19 that comes to tamper this program somewhat. It should be known that in the country, the main casinos of Entertainment City have not yet closed their door. This despite the WHO reported that some casinos had helped to propagate death. Nevertheless, that does not prevent Pagcor from growing and donating $ 39 million. Fight against this deadly disease and control it is today the priority according to Andrea Domingo.

A situation that is not negative at all levels

It should be believed that in the Philippines, the virus is good for some companies. Thus, to achieve its objectives, Pagcor mainly accounts for its offshore games Pogo. It is true that the licenses delivered by the regulator of the Filipino casinos have been limited. However, there are already about sixty online gaming license holders who are isolation could benefit. Indeed, the generalized travel restriction in Asia is an opportunity to increase the income of this type of platform. With this in mind, the Pogo mostly attract Chinese nationals. It should be understood that this type of game is illegal in China except for the public lottery and in the Macao region. As a reminder, China is still in confinement with more than 80,000 cases and more than 3,000 registered deaths. With this in mind, Entertainment City targets Chinese citizens. Not able to travel, he encourages them to take part in online money games. The latter are perfectly regulated in the Philippines and the servers of the country collect the majority of games across Asia. In China, since the beginning of the pandemic, movements to Macao have increased enormously. It has therefore proven that online game servers in the region recorded a proportional increase in activities. Despite all this, the Pogo have been the subject of careful examinations. Indeed, the rumor spread that hundreds of thousands of illegal Chinese immigrants would work there. Moreover, the affirmation of Pagcor, like what a four-four worker is Filipino, added fire oil.

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