The future prospects of the sports bet based on a peer exchange according to Zensports


Mark Thomas, CEO and co-founder of Zensports, believes he found the key to the future of the sporting bet with his team. The proposed solution is essentially the United States, and this in a more or less close future. Basically, the box hopes to install its peer sports betting system by the end of 2022.

Who is Zensports?

Zensports, a society based on Blockchain, has been on the market for about 3 years. Its basic goal was to connect people to recreational sports and games. However, following the legalization of sports betting (decision passed by the Supreme Court of the Etas), the box changes track. The sports betting market has just been very lucrative by using Blockchain technology. To do this, Zensports maintained the basic concept of the application. With this change, going on the platform, it is now possible to exchange, pair-a-pair, sports bets. Basically, anyone can enter, create and / or accept sports bets with the rest of the world. There are no more geographical limits. According to Mark Thomas, Zensports is only a kind of conduct helping bettors on both sides to communicate without intermediary. Which puts back the utility of bookmakers in the background. The platform holds a license issued by the competent authorities of Curacao. It is, for the time being, known in 90 countries and offers Paris more than thirty sports leagues. It should be known that the servers of the company, dealing with Paris programs, are located outside the United States.

Operation of the application

Good news for smartphone holders (iPhone and Android), ZENSports applications are available. However, aware of the issue, the company plans, not later than this year, to deploy a web product. In a simple way, arriving on the application, the user has the right to do all the bets he wants, while limiting how ready to bet. On the other side, one or more other betrs can take the bet until the established limit. On the side of Zensports, revenues are made on fees. Unlike classic sports bets, it costs the user 50 to 90% cheaper. As the protagonist of Blockchain technology, Zensports offers cryptomonnaie for purchase. However, real money is still accepted during bets. In general, however, bettors opt more often for cryptomonnaie. This is probably explained by the fact that this option allows them to further reduce their costs. In a regulatory playfulness and correctly noted, Zensports has set up a dispute resolution system. On the platform, guests can, obviously, bet on games, but not that. Indeed, it is also possible to create betting bets in the game itself. According to Thomas, this type of option helps stimulate market growth. This influences large sporting leagues and media networks to focus more on sports betting. Thus, even half-time, bettors will be able to continue betting on the second half of the match. This stimulates interest permanently and pushes people to look at the end.

The basic ideas of Mark Thomas

Before the COVID 19 does not make such a magnitude, the CEO of Zensports spoke on its vision. So, we have to get things back in context. At this moment the pandemic had not yet modified radically the games and sports in the United States as in the world. The plan was to reach the United States by the end of the year. Among the states targeted first, he quotes Nevada, Colorado as well as New Jersey. Currently, this remains its main goal, but changes are not to be discarded. Faced with the current crisis, timing is no longer certain. Everything will depend on the moment when things come back to normal. The current situation affects, indeed, both the world of sport and that of casinos and sports betting. However, the group remains quite confident for an installation in the United States during this year. To achieve this goal, the option that is then available to Zensports is to associate or acquire a terrestrial sports bet. However, the difficulty lies in the fact that these types of institutions are all, for the moment, closed. In the meantime, the Zensports app is already available for download in the United States and offers fantastic games.

Zensports interests more investors

With the incredible boom of sports betting, Zensports arouses the interest of various investors. In a year, the company has harvested less than 1.8 million on an estimate of nearly $ 7.3 million. With the same timing, she hopes to raise $ 7 to $ 10 million in the future. It should also be known that sports betting legislation can radically change from one country to another. The platform can then need a license to work in some, while it is not necessary in others. The bets of Zensports are considered, by some, as games based on skills as it is pair-to-peer. In any case, the company has all options and capabilities allowing it to grow well everywhere. Its products and licenses facilitate the task. At Zensports, only 40% of bets are placed on football matches while coverage is international. Of course, the exchange of sports betting is also seasonal. The Group has also noticed a certain particular behavior of the bettors before COVID 19 does not strike strongly. These appreciated a lot of betting on the NBA and NHL games. This has identified truly unexpected user profiles. For example, sub-Saharan Africans bet on Calgary-Winnipeg matches. Mark Thomas himself did not believe that it would be possible for people as far apart geographically interested in this match. And yet it is indeed the case, and that makes the sporting bet even more interesting.

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