Resume Operations for Bet America Online SportsBook after Cyber Attack on SB Tech


Three weeks have elapsed before Bet America announces the return of its operations. Recently, so, sports bets and casinos online of the group are available again. This judgment was caused by the Cyber attack that SB Tech had, a group's platform provider.

A large cyber attack

SB Tech has been the subject of a serious cyber attack that caused the demolition of its data center. Bet America is one of the partners of this platform supplier and therefore has been affected by the incident. The 3 weeks of closures were considered essential to put everything back in order. If, other SB Tech partners have resumed their activity earlier, Bet America took his time. He explains this slowness by the fact that he wanted to work with the SB Tech team to solve everything. The branch specialized in Churchill Downs Sports bettings has even wished to reassure its users. Indeed, the investigation confirmed that none of the Group's client data were consulted or extracted. Fortunately for Bet America, this prolonged closure was only very detrimental to its activity. This corresponds to the general closing period of the main American sports available for sports bets against Covid 19. On the other hand, Bet America also had the good idea to distinctly exploit his race book and sports betting.

Some notions of bet America

It was in 2018 that the sports betting platform is born. At the time, she starts with sports betting at two Mississippi casinos. Over time, adding to the retail and online sports betting bets in Indiana. It is the same for the almost Isle Downs and Casino of Churchill Downs in Pennsylvania. This widens even until New Jersey with the launch of an online application in partnership with the Golden Nugget Casino. As for the sports bet inaugurated in Indiana, it is one of the last licensed by the state. Because of the situation, Bet America has not been able to provide tax revenues from sports betting to the state for 2022. Indeed, the sports betting activities in America reported $ 432.8 million in 2022. In all this Only $ 815,774 comes from Bet America's retail and online sales. There are currently 13 pounds of state-of-the-art sports betting.

Paris Online Paris Figures

In Pennsylvania, the 2019-2022 fiscal year was $ 21.7 million from the sports book. This invalidates Bet America's online operations, it is the lack of mobile application. In other words, online bets can only be made via computer. In Indiana, the rate is only 53.3% against 76.2% throughout the state. If $ 2.1 billion were launched during the 2019-2022 fiscal year, only 1.8 billion represents online betting. Unlike this, near Isle in Erie, retail bets account for $ 18.5 million. These details are however observable only in Indiana and Pennsylvania. In New Jersey, the application of Bet America combines the income from all skins under each racecourse or licensed casino. At Mississippi, all casino reports are grouped by region.

Case of online casinos

Faced with his promising beginnings, Bet America did not stop at sports bets. Indeed, the platform has also started developing online casinos. These can be found in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. The application in the latter was launched in February 2019. Pennsylvania, meanwhile, was put online after some tests at the end of January. Unfortunately for Bet America, despite expected and quality launches, these have not escaped the cyberattack. Since its inception in online casinos, Bet America has been able to record gross income of $ 145,405. This amount was generated by its slot machines in an amount of $ 4.4 million. On the table games, it's $ 10 million from Paris against raw revenue of $ 357,946. These numbers can seem rather modest. However, this does not differ more than other small and medium-sized casino applications.

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