Online lottery place in the coronavirus pandemic


COVID 19 is an international scourge because it affects even retail sales. Those of terrestrial lotteries have obviously not escaped. Fortunately online versions provide essential revenues for state programs.

What the coronavirus has highlighted

For States authorizing the online lottery, an increase of more than 10% of sales is recognized. This is particularly the case in New Hampshire, one of the 8 US states with online lottery. He even experienced a phenomenal increase of 38% of his numbers of players between February and March only. Faced with the pandemic, vulnerability and limits of silver business models have been raised quickly. The states that make themselves at best have online lotteries. Thus, there is Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Virginia. In terms of terrestrial lotteries, on the 7500 recorded retailers, 1800 had to be closed. In the list, we find the Complainidge Park, MGM Springfield or Boston Harbor. At Massachusetts, the numbers are not better. Indeed, total lottery sales have decreased by more than 30% in one week. In the same vein, Keno has lost many more than 50% of its income. And yet it's the most profitable game of lotteries in normal times. In the absence of specific programs, the Massachusetts State Lottery decided to distribute to towns and villages its income.

Hard strokes for the game industry in general

The game industries like Powerbellet Mega Millions, had to review their tactics about the significant decline in sales. That's why there are no more guaranteed starting jackpots or minimum jackpot increases. For Powerball, it's downright a halving on guaranteed starting jackpots. For Jackpot increases, it was from $ 10 million to, just $ 2 million. Faced with social distancing and isolation measures, even the behavior of players has changed. It must also be said that the interest rate is in free fall. In return, additional game sales are needed to make up the gaps. In the same vein, Mega million has adopted the same solution. All measures taken are essential to continue generating revenue. The latter will subsequently serve to support the budget of the States selling industry tickets. Even if their activities are criticized by many, some lotteries continue to exercise. This is particularly the case of the Californian lottery. According to the Ministry of Health, it is essential by providing money to the state education budget. The risk is however real. An employee of the lottery has already been placed in COMA at the end of March because of COVID 19.

If lottery activities continue, it's for excellent reasons

Currently, 42 US states are still confined. Faced with the situation, all that is considered non-essential remains closed. It is, however, not the case of lottery industries, even if their sales have decreased considerably. Even in terms of States authorizing online lotteries, the decline in revenue has been inevitable. However, these online lottery measurements still make it possible to compensate for certain losses. With this in mind, online lottery revenues go to excellent causes in the 8 states that allow them.

  • In New Hampshire, Virginia and North Carolina, this goes exclusively for public education.
  • In Georgia, in addition to public education, scholarships and scholarships also take advantage of it.
  • She met Moster to MNIGAN to go to the weight weep and aux Entrys Arrolls.
  • In Illinois, infrastructure projects and special causes are added to public education.
  • In Kentucky's lottery revenues come back to college scholarships and grant programs.
  • Finally, in Pennsylvania this advantage programs for elderly residents.

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