Pandemic of coronavirus: door open to the expansion of games of chance and betting betting online


With the coronavirus that is caught, real casinos know hard times and are obliged to stay closed. However, as in the United States where games of chance and online betting are allowed, virtual casinos explode. Moreover, according to some analysts, it is not about to stop until COVID remain. With this in mind, it would not be surprising that states that accept this type of practice increase in numbers.

What is it today

Online casinos are, today, legal in some American states like Nevada, New Jersey or Pennsylvania. On the side of sports betting, there are 16 states authorizing them, with the arrival of Colorado in the list, the 1is May. The legalization of the practice seems more and more possible for the other states against COVID 19. Indeed, the facts are convincing if we refer to the case of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. These are the only ones to have offset the losses of real casinos and sports betting through online versions. In numbers, New Jersey recorded, just under $ 65 million in turnover through its online games. Basically, over 12 months, it's 65.6% increase. With regard to Pennsylvania, it's just over $ 24 million in revenue just for the month of March.

More than attractive results

If the igaming in general is growing, the New Jersey figures add a layer. Indeed, over the past year, this equates to $ 700 million increase. Penn National Gaming, a great name for online money games, especially specialized in casinos, confirms these facts. According to his CEO, Jay Snowden, the company's activities will significantly contribute to the US economy in 2022, or even beyond. Among the strong branches of the company, we can count web, and viva slots. However, this is not an isolated case. In the example of The Stars Group, which, there has been, recorded its highest turnover. In large part, it was made possible thanks to PokerStars and its online casino business. Among the most chosen games are Craps and Blackjack. The transition was not difficult since before the arrival of the COVID19, mobile games beat records. This is the case in New Jersey, where 8 on 10 sports betting are done on smartphones and tablets.

Economic decisions in the interest of the State

COVID19 does not have health repercussions. On the economic side, it is a real chaos that it leaves behind with the massive closures of companies and unemployment. For analysts, in the face of this reality, the state must find new sources of taxes. The economy is paralyzed, but the membership of more countries on virtual bets can be considered as a solution. Gains will then be able to fill the revenue differences in the pandemic. What's more, it's a much faster option. Legalizing and deploying online games would be much easier than tracing the slope to terrestrial casinos. In addition, with the establishment of social distancing, in the fight against coronavirus, it is much more obvious. Nothing is still won for the moment. States like Connecticut refuse this option while others like Michigan are on track.

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