The use of credit cards to play games forbidden in the United Kingdom


The British Gambling sector has recently put into effect the prohibition to use credit cards. Thus, it is no longer possible to use, for the players, their credit cards to pay their parts. This applies to all retail outlets, land casinos and online gaming sites. This payment mechanism is no longer allowed, except in the case of lotteries for good causes. The exception also applies to lottery ticket purchases that are done at the same time as grocery shopping. The decision was taken at the beginning of the year, long before the confinement measures were applied. However, it could not have been better, because some anti-game politicians feared the devastating effects of isolation. A wave of problems related to silver games is indeed very weighing in the face of the prevailing situation and the significant loss of income.

What alerted and confirmed the risks

It must be understood from the outset that in some countries there is a self-exclusion program. Risk players allow, themselves, gaming institutions to prohibit access to institutions. With the pandemic, Gam Care, charity managing the British national telephone line, has disturbing data. Indeed, this one receives more and more calls from people wishing to leave their self-exclusion program. This new form of dependence is the result of a financial distress coupled with isolation and boredom linked to confinement. Even worse, the call rate to Gam Care has also decreased considerably. What is serious is that in difficult times as is currently the case, the hotline should be mandatory. The most vulnerable can indeed believe that it is not possible to be assisted in all confidentiality. Faced with this situation, the prohibition of use of credit cards is reinforced by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission). According to the latter, it is a way to limit the risks. The Commission has even done analyzes confirming the increase in the number of British interested in online gaming products.

Risk solutions

The UKGC emphasized that more than 20% of players using credit cards have problem profiles. Officially, 0.7% of the population of England suffers from a game disorder against 0.8% in Wales and Scotland. According to UK Finance, on 24 million British players, 800,000 use their credit card as a payment mechanism. In any case, the prohibition of credit card use will strengthen risk limitations. However, British politicians consider it's not enough. It is in this perspective that they call the game industry to impose a daily ceiling of £ 50 per customer. This should be done throughout the crisis, but so far this is only a suggestion not yet accepted from industries. A reduction in maximum betting on £ £ 2 is also suggested. These solutions are commendable, but the industries are afraid of a perverse effect: the deviation of players to the black market. On them there are no restrictions of Paris. In addition, there is almost no protection for players, and even self-excluded, their credit cards are always accepted.

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