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In this period of crisis, linked to the coronavirus, the majority of companies pass by bad times. Gan, for its part, platform supplier of social and silver games as well as online casinos, concludes various agreements. Among other things, she set up online betting and sports betting agreements with casinos in Michigan. The box offers are particularly aimed at the Chippewa Indian Sault Tribe from the region. To this end, she creates a partnership with KEWADIN casinos.

Provisions for the partnership

Legislation around the authorization of online games and sports betting varies enormously from one state to another. At the end of 2019, the Michigan legislature gives a positive response to the bill legalizing practice. Thus, this American state becomes the 16th to go in this direction. The first sporting betting bets have been launched on the early 2022 market. Unfortunately, it is also the starting period of the spread of COVID 19. At the same time, the main sports leagues and the majority of the game industries have had to Stop their activities. Nevertheless, this new provision always advantage the Gan partnership and KEWADIN CASINOS. All this for the pleasure of members of the Michigan Chippewa Indian Tribe. Indeed, these now have access to both detail sports and online casino games. The partnership benefits KEWADIN as GAN offers very advanced technologies. In addition, whether online or offline, KEWADIN casinos prioritize the quality of experience of its consumers. Note that all institutions in the enclosure are located in the upper peninsula of Michigan.

Gan gets noticed in all the Michigan

Gan knows a pretty positive period. In addition to KEWADIN casinos, the platform plans to provide other casino game operators from the region. Until then, the name of the next partner of the box has not been disclosed yet. The company, based in Britain, has indeed agreed to keep the secret until regulatory approval is effective. It should be known that in Michigan, it's not just tribal casinos. There are also 3 commercial casinos in Detroit (Greektown Casino Hotel, MGM Grand Detroit and Motor City Casino Hotel). Before the COVID19 pandemic strikes, Regulus Partners, a global strategic consulting company, had announced excellent numbers. Online games should have generated approximately $ 377 million during the first year of operation. After 4 years, it could have reached $ 836 million. Data that the GAN failed to reiterate. However, with the current crisis, these figures can no longer be insured. Faced with this, the identity of the future GAN partner will only be revealed at the appropriate time. It must be said that Michigan has a particularly attractive market. In addition, sports betting and online casino games are now legal. Having this type of American market is a very important goal for the British platform. The discretion on this partnership also resides that this significantly influence Gan's revenues for 2022.

Situation against the Pandemic of COVID19

Unfortunately for the game industry, isolation measures are not yet about to stop. The casinos, including those in Michigan, must keep their establishment closed. With this in mind, Kewadin made the decision not to reopen for the moment its five adjoining casinos and hotels. To the extent possible, however, the Group hopes to continue paying the 900 workers who rely on him. These actions are undertaken because casinos also take care of their responsibility. Thus, these closures represent their contribution against the propagation of the virus. All Casinos teams were then expressed about their recognition in relation to the support of the Tribal Board. All are convinced that the best thing to do is "stay at home, stay safe".

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