Facing the coronavirus, Australia expects a sharp increase in online game expenses


Faced with the blockade that the confinement creates, the economies of countries in the world stagnate. In order to avoid any collapse of a system, many of them have injected money into their economies. This is the case of Australia, which has given retirees and beneficiaries of social security 750 Australian dollars. This type of action will be used in the short term to stimulate consumer spending. This was the case and the largest expenses are recorded on online gaming sites. In Australia, the rise in this sector quickly reached 67% in just 1 week. It is the largest increase ever recorded, all economic sectors combined.

A new breath for the Australian economy

During his latest tax check, Australia recorded a reduced expense of 5%. However, this very similarly reflects a clear improvement. Indeed, before the control and these capital injection actions, the decline in expenditure amounted to 13%. Fortunately for the country, online games have not been the only ones to take advantage of these actions. This has, among other things, contributed to the improvement of the habitat and the delivery of food. Similarly for retail services and online subscription. All these sectors then had good increases of 60%. These measures also offered the sectors of essential products (supermarkets, pharmacies and animaleries) a new breath. Finally, there is also the alcohol and tobacco sales sector that benefited from it. Without surprise, the fitness and travel sectors are the most who suffered from the situation. The losses in these sectors reach the 95% which is particularly devastating.

A conclusive test, but not without danger

The stimulus measures made in Australia have been trials based on 250,000 consumers. This has, among other things, allowed to measure the effects in real time. What remains to be seen, if it is necessary to carry out a permanent support or this temporary reprieve will suffice. However, experts find a dangerous setback of this additional support for the economy. Indeed, it is expenses related to online games and alcohol that increase exponentially. This combination obviously presents real dangers. This is explained by the fact that people get to drink more and more to counter the stress created by isolation. The risks are all the bigger, because the more they drink, the more they want and the more they become dependent. In Australia, online casino games and Pokers are not allowed. However, foreign sites remain available. As a result, the risks of spending virtual money for this type of application are indeed present.

Special case of sports betting

Following the stimulus measures, the sports bet sector also knew a good one. However, it is the most worrying sector according to the Australian experts. The activity is perfectly legal and remains available even with the closure at the international level of the main sports leagues. Among those who still have available, there is Russian basketball and Belarus football. The bettors are thus falling down on these activities or non-sporting those such as interest rate movements. The Australian sports bet also has the advantage that its bookmakers undergo less restriction than American bookmakers, for example. These can not, for example, move away from the sport itself. The Australian bookmakers, meanwhile, are able to create bets on the color of the tie of their prime minister. Similarly, it is possible to bet on such random facts as the weather or the stock market. It goes without saying, it's not necessarily something positive. Faced with the crisis situation, this type of activity is very poorly coming.

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