Fundraising plans challenged in Nevada


Faced with the pandemic, the countries of the world are very concerned about the economic effects. In order to compensate for losses, many have fallen on online games. This is the case of the Nevada Independent news site, which hoped to rely on the practice to collect funds. The whole thing was based on an online poker tournament. However, the Commission Gaming Commission has developed a regulation on state concerns about games. This has, as a result, forced the NEVA independent to hand over its online tournaments. They will nevertheless be re-revised, but only in terrestrial casinos, and once the Pandemic of Covid 19 will be controlled.

A turnaround

During the isolation period, Nevada Independent intended to carry out a Hold'em Poker Tournament online charities. However, Jon Ralston, his editor, voted on the fact that it was to be canceled. Indeed, the regulation imposed by the American Commission for Games prohibits any online competition. It must be noted that if the organizations do so, they can sell tickets online. What is not possible for them is to organize the games itself. It should be noted that the Wire Act is a federal law law that the Ministry of Justice is trying to develop. Organize these games in this context would then be able to create a real conflict. The cancellation has been very fast, despite the high interest that the tournament project has generated. With this in mind, Jon Ralston stated that his group had no other choice. By struggling, Ralston could have finished in the Black Book to become "Persona Non-Grata" casinos. As a reminder, Nevada Independent is a fairly young news site, online for 3 years. The proposed contents are free and the organization, non-profit, lives of readers supports, donations and subsidies. Currently, the site is in the middle of a financing campaign from Stephen Cloobeck (founder of Diamond Resorts). The latter being $ 100,000, we can only understand how badly a bad advertisement would be wrong.

Other possible solutions

Nevada Independent also includes in its organization of game companies and a travel and hospitality industry. These two branches were unfortunately affected by the economic plague left by the COVID epidemic 19. Despite the funding of funds already underway, the press organization has been forced to reduce wages and budgets. The group hopes, however, that it will arrange as soon as possible. However, they are aware that there is no certainty about what the pandemic will leave behind. Thus, the priority, today, for Nevada Independent, is to set up a revenue base as diversified as possible. Ralston even asserts that it has always been their mode of operation, hence the idea of ​​the poker tournament. In the implementation of this project, the press organization had established a partnership with Unity Poker. The entrance fee in the online tournament was expected at $ 75. As proof, the two partners advanced the closure of land casinos, until further notice. This could have been beneficial for all interested parties. This entry price would have been able to make a direct contribution to Nevada Independent. However, those who would have been able to recover their registration fees. Nevertheless, Ralston remains confident. The idea was to create an online tournament, followed by other tournaments, if this first was successful. Even today, the idea of ​​creating tournament series remains a goal, but it will be in the room as long as the pandemic will stop.

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